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07 Jun

1. The refrigeration effect of the freezer is deteriorated

First of all, it is best to place the freezer in a cool and ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight. If the freezer is placed in an inappropriate position, the ventilation of the freezer is not good, or the dust on the freezer condenser is not cleaned for a long time, the heat dissipation of the freezer is not good, so the refrigeration effect is deteriorated.

2. The operation time of the freezer compressor is extended

There is no gap between the goods in the freezer, resulting in a large temperature difference in the freezer, and frequent switching, such as frequent switching, opening the freezer door, etc., will extend the operation time of the freezer compressor.

3. There is noise in the freezer

The freezer compressor will have a certain noise when it is running. The coolant condenses into a liquid state when entering the copper tube of the evaporator. When the coolant moves, it will make an obvious sound of water flow. This is a normal phenomenon of the freezer.

4. The freezer cabinet heats up

The heat absorbed by the freezer refrigeration and the heat generated during the operation of the freezer compressor need to be dissipated through the freezer condenser. It is normal to get hot when contacting the freezer cabinet.

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