You can find many sorts of beverage centers here. 1 door, 2 doors, 3 or 4 doors. You can find refrigerator with 0℃-10℃, also freezer with -18℃ to -12℃.

Have been search for a beverage cooler refrigerator for a long time?

You're just in the right place. LVNi is a professional factory producing commercial beverage refrigerators.

  • We can do a drink fridge with a temperature range of 0-10℃, or a glass door freezer with a temperature range of -18℃ or -23℃.
  • We can do a beverage refrigerator to be an all-in one type, or a split-type, which puts the compressor unit outdoor.

If you're looking for other items for a supermarket, you can check the brochure below to find out.


beverage showcase, drink freezer, air-curtain refrigerator for vegetable fruit, island freezer, etc

With more than ten years of practical experience, we have gone from a novice to a master. We have skilled workers, perfect equipment, strict production technology and high-quality management. The management has the experience of an excellent large company. They strictly supervise and control every production line to make sure you get a good product.

Want to check the quality of the beverage cooler fridge, no problem at all, we can arrange a video inspection session for you. If you are in China, we can arrange an on-site inspection for you at our factory or company. Due to Covid 19, at this sensitive time, we mainly advise a video conference.

  • We have CE, RoHS and MSDS certificates. Now we are going to do CB and ETL.
  • Every refrigerator is tested before leaving the factory to keep your product working well.
  • All cooling units are 100% copper tubing.

You can see many different types of beverage refrigerators in the markets, and most of them are very similar. Every single one has a fan, LED lighting, flat shelves, gold/silver or other color doors. Even though they all look like really same, they may be very different.

What're the differences?
First of all, you need to know the basic info, there's 2 kinds of cooling system in the market - the air-cooled system (ventilated cooling system) and the static cooling system. Normally the direct cooling does't have fans inside. Because of some factories want to make the cooling better, they improve the system.
Therefore, you can see direct cooling and fan cooling both have a fan. One of the difference is the ventilated cooling system cools much faster, and more average. The other difference is that the ventilated cooling system only use a much shorter time to cool down bigger capacity of storing drinks.
2nd, the costs are very different from them. The static cooling system is much cheaper, because of its technique and materials. The air-cooled system is usually used in hotels, chain convenient stores, supermarkets, and beverage shops.
Why you need an air-cooled beverage refrigerator? image
If you're going to open a supermarket, you may also need air-curtain display refrigerator for vegetable, island freezer, or deli cabinet for meat.

If you're going to open a convenient store, you may also need a glass door back bar cooler on counter, a dual zone wine and beverage cooler or cigar humidor.

If you're going to open a bar, you may also need a underbar cooler.

If you're going to open a pastry shop, you may also need a cake display cabinet.

If you want to know more items or more details, contact us to get a brochure.
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What is the best temperature for a beverage fridge?

Normally, the comfortable feeling of drinking beverages should be around 5-8℃. Which feeling is soft, and easy tasting.

Will a beverage cooler keep food cold?

Yes, you can use it to cold food. But be carefully with that it can be used for milk, fruit, but not meat or fish. Even you do, meat or fish only can be kept for a few hours.

Can you do a beverage fridge pass-through or see-through?

Yes, our factory can make pass-through type of see-through type beverage fridges.

Can you do the glass door with gold color?

Yes, we can use gold color steels to make it. Other colors like silver or black are also doable.
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LVNi is a factory and a one-stop commercial refrigeration supplier.