We can do it with sliding doors, or swing doors. It can be freestanging, undercounter or built-in. Accept to customize size,  LED colors inside, even body steel panels.

Looking for a bar cooler for your new club or pub?
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We have been producing glass door back bar refrigerators since 2013. Its sales volume exceeds 100,000 sets. Many customers from different countries or regions picked us.

We can do:
  • single door back bar cooler
  • 2door back bar cooler
  • 3 door back bar cooler
  • Custom-made back bar cooler
  • Sliding door back bar cooler, or swing door.

If you have a purchase list to fulfill, check the brochure below, and get a quote from us.
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The picture on the background is some of our customers' cases.

With more than 10 years of practical experience, we have changed from a rookie to a master. We have skilled workers, perfect equipment, rigorous production process and high-quality management. The management has the experience of excellent large companies. They strictly supervise and control every line of production to ensure that you can obtain good products.

Want to check the quality of the back bar beer cooler, no problem at all, we can schedule a video inspection session for you. If you're in China, that's perfect for us to arrange a field inspection for you in our factory or company.

  • Certificates we have, CE, RoHS, and MSDS. Now we're going for CB and ETL.
  • Every refrigerator is done testing before shipping to give you a well-running item.
  • We use 100% copper tubes for all cooling units.

How is LVNi commercial back bar refrigerator?

Product features:
  • Frost-free: It has no frost.
  • Fast cooling: It has a fierce cooling system. We use the powerful compressor and the fans to make a fast and fierce circulation cooling effect. From room temperature 30℃ down to 2℃, it only takes about 30 minutes.
  • Double-layers hollow glass door: See through, also can do with a anti-condensation glass door.
  • Auto-evaporating condensation water: You don't need a drainage ditch.
  • LED low temperature light: You can choose white, blue, purple or other colors LED lights.
  • You can put it on a countertop, or under a counter.
Fast cooling back bar refrigerator for bar equipment selection imageFast cooling back bar refrigerator for bar equipment selection image
We have more types of coolers for different purposes of drinks.

You can buy a bar beverage cooler, we have 1 door, 2 doors, 3 doors, and 4 doors.
You can buy a commercial wine fridge, we offer dual zone, single zone, for red wine, for white wine.
You can buy a ice producing machine, we can do cube ice, nugget ice, flake ice, and crescent ice.

Even more items, LVNi is also a one-stop solution supplier for hotels, bars, and restaurants.
Other items you may need in the buy list image
Step 1: Panel Tailor
The master operates the laser machine to tailor steel panels to suitable sizes and appearance

Step 2: Bending
Not only we need to bend the steels to designed shape, but also it's important to burnish them.

Step 3: Welding and Air Testing
Welding panels together is not an easy job, the master must be experienced. To make sure they're well-sealed. Next is to check whether it's no cracks.

Step 4: Pre-assemble Body
Masters will assemble panels for the inner body and the exterior body separately, then put them together.

Step 5: Foaming
After putting the body into the mold, the machine will inject the material into the gaps of the bodies. It's a one time hermetic whole foaming.

Step 6: Parts Pre-installation
Feets or wheels, a digital thermostat, a compressor, and cabels are installed in this section.

Step 7: Overall Installation
Pipe assembly and wiring arrangement。

Step 8: Pressure Test and Refrigerant
After testing the pressure, we fill a refrigeratnt. According to different needs, we can fill R290, R134a, R404a, or R600a.

Step 9: Testings
Doing power safety test and halogen test.

Step 10: Freezing Testing
Beer fridges will be tested in the room for a few hours.

Step 11: Clean and Package
We clean everywhere of the fridges, and stick labels, then pack them with carton boxs.

Step 12: Transportation
You can use your forwarder, or we can use ours to do shipping.
Find a true back bar beer fridge manufacturer imageFind a true back bar beer fridge manufacturer image
We have customers in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, even Botswana in Africa. They have sold or used this commercial back bar fridge for many years. By so far, 3% on total amount is required for maintenance service. For customers can do repairing easily, we ususally offer 3% spare parts for free. For example, we can offer 3pcs based on accumulative 100pcs of a single model.

LVNi has been doing this refrigeration industry more than 10 years. The design of the fan cooling system are well tested by different markets

What is back bar refrigerators?

It's a kind of refrigeration equipment used in hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, so on. To store canned, bottle drinks, beers and beverages.

Can you do back bar refrigerator sliding door?

Yes. We can do back bar refrigerator with 2 sliding doors or 3 sliding doors. It's a design for narrow space. Normally we do swing doors.

What is a beer fridge called?

Different places have different names. Some people calls it beer refrigerator. Some Singaporeans call it beer chiller. In the USA and Canada, people calls it back bar fridge or cooler.

Can we put fruit in a back bar cooler?

Sure. You can put fruit, milk, drinks, beers, and so on.
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