LVNi can be made from small wine cellars to large dual zone wine cellars and beverage coolers, from 33 to 356 bottle and even larger capacities. Available as single zone, dual zone or change in size, material or LED lighting, accept custom wine cellars to meet your OEM requirements. .

product feature
①Brand compressors are used to maintain a constant temperature
②Adjustable humidity
③ Internal ventilation to prevent odor

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Until now, we have put product quality as our top priority. Production using high quality materials, we test every product before shipping

1. For shelves,
We use conventional materials - beech wood, which is environmentally friendly, moisture-proof, pressure-resistant, and durable.
5 types of shelves: flat shelf, display shelf, multipurpose tray, multipurpose cup holder and aluminum alloy glass tray.

2. For the dual-zone 2-door model, we use 2 compressors to cool each zone so that its temperature is independently controllable.

3. We use a touchscreen thermostat with a Celsius/Fahrenheit display so you can choose your preferred display.


Here you can buy a wine cellar for home or restaurants.

We all know that different kinds of wine require different temperature ranges. What is the best storage temperature for different wines?

Sweet and off-sweet wine: 14~16℃/57.2~60.8℉.
Dry red wine: 16~22℃/60.8~71.6℉.
Off-dry red wine: 16~18℃/60.8~64.4℉.
Dry white wine: 8~10℃/46.4~50℉.
Off-dry white wine: 8~12℃/46.4~53.6℉.
Off-sweet and sweet white wine: 10~12℃/50~53.6℉.

If you buy a dual zone wine cooler, you can choose 2 suitable ranges for different purposes.
LVNi is a factory that offers one-stop solution for hotels, bars, or restaurants.

If you're looking for a wine fridge for a commercial purpose, you many also need a beverage refrigerator and a beer fridge.

If you also need an ice making machine or a kitchen freezer, we also produce those machines.
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Because the beverage cooler temperature range is 0~10℃, if you put it inside, it will ruin your wine. Wine needs to be stored at a temperature range of 5~22℃/41~71.6℉ according to different types.s.
Literally, you can. But, don't put something with a strong flavor in it. Otherwise, you're going to taste a mixed-flavor wine.
Yes, we do OEM and ODM, can customize according to your needs or your own logo at affordable price.