1. How long is the leading time (production time) ?

Normally, it’s around 15 days.

2. How long is the delivery time?

Statistically, the time is within 30 days. Estimated time by sea:
To Malaysia, Thailand and Southeast Asia, Singapore: about 6 days
To Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabic: about 20~26 days
To Canada, America, Norway, Europe, Africa or an ocean-going voyage: about 30~40 days

3. Where is your factory address?

 Name: Guangzhou Ailipush refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd
Add.: No.6, First Alley, Jiyuan East Street, Shijing Dalang Village, Baiyun District, Guangzhou.

4. When can I visit your company or factory?

Warmly welcome at any time. We owned the headquarter & factory in Guangzhou. Branch offices in Shanghai, Beijing & Chengdu. Welcome to visit us at any time and any locations.

5. What is the payment procedure?

T/T 30% prepayment in advance, 70% balance payment before transportation.

6. what is warranty items of the products?

                                                     LVNI LIMITED WARRANTY TERMS
Please read carefully thoroughly through the warranty terms, and contact the supplier or the manufacturer if you have any questions. The terms might not apply to all of the cases, it depends on the use of the product, or where it was purchased, or who sold it.

Coverage: except for the LED lighting (if have), the warranty covers all the defects in workmanship and materials.
Guarantee time: initial 12 months from the date when purchased the goods.
The original purchase receipt must be presented to the authorized service center before warranty repairs are rendered.
Warm notice:
1. Power phase is prohibited to self change, to avoid severe faults for equipment.
2. Please regularly check the power plug, to assure reliable connection for the ground wire, and to prevent phase loss and overvoltage.
3. Please keep the surface clean, make sure using ambiance is good, and regularly check the state
of the equipment.
                                                               Warranty Terms:
The vendor takes the responsibility to offer free parts and delivery to a Chinese domestic address within the warranty period. Customers need to take responsibility for shipping cost and maintenance service fee. Contact the dealer from whom the goods were purchased, or contact the manufacturer, or contact the nearest manufacturer’s service depot to apply for authorized maintenance service. In the case of any unauthorized people had been altered, repaired or modified the products in any way, all obligation of LVNI under this warranty is void.
The parts replaced belong to Guangzhou LVNI Hotel Supplies Co., Ltd.
                                                               General Provisions:
                              No warranty or insurance herein is valid if the following events happened:
Do not regularly clean the anti-dust filtering net by twice within a month.
Damages from improper installation.
Damages in shipping.
Defects other than manufacturing.
Damage from misuse, abuse, accident, alteration, lack of proper care and maintenance or incorrect current or unstable voltage.
Damage from service by others than an authorized dealer, technician or service center.
Decorative trims or replaceable light bulbs.
Fire, theft, water damage, war, riot, hostility, natural disasters, like hurricanes, flood, tsunami, etc.
Delivering bad manners like insults when requiring maintenance service.
Using abnormally, wrong storage and carry. Using in a bad environment, such as a high ambient temperature or the opposite, and a wet place.
If the warranty terms need to be revised, kindly notice that no notification will be given.