Providing one-stop kitchen solutions for regular-sized or custom-made projects.

LVNi mainly focuses on commercial kitchen freezers, and provides self-developed air cooling system, if you want to make an irregular size, it is feasible. Contact us for details.

The small unit has a large capacity, and the design of the externally connected small unit makes the internal use space larger
360° air circulation cooling, fast cooling, uniform cooling
Digital button temperature control, precise temperature control, accurate to 0.1 ℃, easy to operate
Rounded inner tank, food storage, more convenient to clean the cabinet
304/201 non-magnetic stainless steel, durable and strong corrosion resistance

What kind of refrigerator is suitable for a restaurant kitchen? Stable cooling effect? Low maintenance and easy operation? I think it should be to match your client's needs. Contact us to solve the problem.

Choose from the following recommendations
First: volume. Choose the volume that suits your own needs, save space in the store, and control power consumption

Second: cooling effect. The temperature of the refrigerator is generally 0°C-10°C, suitable for beverages, vegetables, fruits, and keeping food fresh. The temperature of the freezer is ≦18°C, suitable for ice cream, seafood, meat, and keeps food from deteriorating for a long time

Third: energy saving and power saving. Commercial heating and cooling generally operate around the clock. Are refrigerators energy-saving?

Fourth: after-sales service. Good after-sales service, is there a warranty?

How to choose a stainless steel under counter freezer? imageHow to choose a stainless steel under counter freezer? imageHow to choose a stainless steel under counter freezer? image
If you're looking for an under counter freezer to put in a cabinet or under a counter, we can help you out.

LVNi under counter freezers are suitable to do that, also be built-in type. But please leave some space for hot air dissipation at the sides and at the back. The advice is to keep 5cm from the machine to a wall.
Put a freezer in a cabinet or under a counter? image
Looking for a different counter freezer? Don't worry. We have more options for you.

We can do:
  • Counter Freezer with Drawers, 2 drawers, 3 drawers, 4 drawers...
  • Counter Freezer with Open Top
  • Counter Freezer with Open Pit for GN Pans
  • Refrigerated Salad Bars Commercial
  • ...

We can do more than that, why don't you contact us to know what we can do?
The procedures of manufacturing a frost free counter freezer image
Step 1: Panel Cutting
The laser cutter cuts stainless steel panels, ready to make the body.

Step 2: Bend
The cut panels are bent into the desired shape by the bending machine.

Step 3: Solder and Test for Leaks
Welding the panels together from pieces, then polishing them nicely. Then testing for leaks by the nitrogen air.

Step 4: Body Assembly
Make panels and parts together, ready to foaming.

Step 5: Foam
Forcing foamed material into the well-assembly body with a foaming density of 42kg-45kg/m3.

Step 6: Preinstallation
To install compressor packs, thermostats, cables, feet, or wheels.

Step 7: General Installation
Welding and finishing of copper pipelines.

Step 8: Stress Insurance
If the condition of pressure is good, perform vacuum suction and charge refrigerant.

Step 9: Safety Testing and Halogen Testing
We have to do safety checks and halogen testing.

Step 10: Cooling Test
Running a cooling test for a certain amount of time is a must to make sure you have a well-running machine.

Step 11: Cleaning and Packaging
Counter freezers or chillers will be packed in carton boxes, or plywood cases, ready to ship.

Step 12: Delivery
Transporting goods to the port.

How do you adjust the temperature on a chiller?

Please check on the User Manual, there's a page describes how to do it. It's quite simple, you can easily follow the guide to set up.

Do you have a 3 door counter chiller?

Yes, we have 1 door, 2 doors, 3 doors for your choice

Does your commercial countertop freezer come with a thermostat?

Equipped with precise digital temperature control

Is the product easy to clean?

Condenser filter is detachable for easy cleaning and maintenance

You can get many types of kitchen equipment in LVNi, including under bench fridge freezer.