Do cigars need a humidor?
-If you want to store cigars for a long time, and keep their favors and tastes. Sure you need to have a humidor to save it. You know that the storage temperature and storage humidity are the key for cigars collection.

We have cigar humidors from storing 100pcs to 1000pcs.
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When making cigars, people use cedar wood moisturizing to remove odors, and add cigar aromas again. This process is completed in an environment with a constant temperature of 16℃~22℃ and an constant humidity of 65%~75%.

If you are new to learn how to keep it well, suggestive advice is to set double 70. It means to set temperature at 70℉ (21℃), to set humidity at 70%. They're proper standards for cigar collection.
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The natural oils in cigar leaves are the source of the cigars's aroma and taste, and prolonged dryness or dampness can damage cigars.

  • If the temperature is too low, the growth process of the cigar is weakened.
  • Ciagrs that are too hot are prone to have bugs.
  • Too high humidity will cause cigars to go mouldy.
  • Too low humidity can cause cigars to crack.
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All of our cigar humidors are with cedar woods. How good does the cedar wood do?

Unique aroma
Cigars can absorb the aroma of cedar woods, to improve flavors.

Kill insects
Cedar wood aroma can kill insects, and keep them away.

Cedar woods can absorb moisture, to keep cigars dry.

Block odor
Cedar woods have good breathability. It can help absorb bad odor.
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What is a good cigar humidor?

The answer is the cigar humidors shall has a precise digital temperature control and a real humidity control system.

How long can you keep a cigar in a humidor?

About 6 weeks under a certain temperature and humidity. 70℉ and 70% humidity.
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