Do cigars need a humidor?
If you want to store your cigars for a long time and keep them good and flavorful. Of course, you'll need a humidor to keep it. Knowing the storage temperature and storage humidity is the key to cigar collection.

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When making cigars, people moisten cedar wood to remove odors and re-enhance the aroma of cigars. The process is completed in an environment with a constant temperature of 16°C~22°C and a constant humidity of 65%~75%.

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If you are just starting to learn how to maintain it, it is recommended to set the temperature at about 20°C and the humidity at about 70%. They are the correct standard for cigar collecting.

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The natural oils in cigar leaves are responsible for the aroma and flavor of cigars, and prolonged drying or humidity can damage cigars.

If the temperature is too low, the growing process of the cigar will be weakened.
  • Cigars that are too hot are prone to worms.
  • Excessive humidity can cause mold in cigars.
  • Too low humidity can cause cigars to crack.

How to do it
  • Adjust the storage temperature of cigars to 18-21°C
  • Keep the humidity constant between 65-75%
  • To provide fresh air in the humidor, it is recommended to open the humidor at least once in two weeks
  • When storing a lot of cigars, they need to be rolled regularly, once a month, or once every 2-3 weeks

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All of our cigar humidors are with cedar woods. How good does the cedar wood do?

Unique aroma
Cigars can absorb the aroma of cedar woods, to improve flavors.

Kill insects
Cedar wood aroma can kill insects, and keep them away.

Cedar woods can absorb moisture, to keep cigars dry.

Block odor
Cedar woods have good breathability. It can help absorb bad odor.
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What is a good cigar humidor?

The humidor has precise digital temperature control and a true humidity control system.

How long can a humidor keep cigars?

As long as the relative humidity is kept constant between 65-75% and fresh air is constantly provided, there is no time limit for storing cigars