Do you and your customers need an ice machine? Have a look at our ice machines

Our ice machine factory has been in operation since 2000. Products are mainly used in bars, beverage and food industry, medical industry, etc. We produce ice machines according to CE and SGS food grade standards. Food-grade PP raw materials are used, which are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and meet safety standards. The machine can come into direct contact with the food.

We can provide 5 types of automatic ice machines.
  • Cube Ice
  • Crescent Ice
  • Flake Ice
  • Snow Ice
  • Mineral Ice
A variety of sizes accept customization to meet your different needs


Accept customization,Different styles for your choice.

Want to know how the ice machine makes ice? let's check it out.

Step 1:
After turning on the water faucet, and switching on the power, the water will come into the ice plate and circulate.

Step 2:
A few minutes later, water starts to freeze on the plate.

Step 3:
The machine will stop automatically when the ice reaches the preset thickness.

Step 4:
Later the ice will fall automatically into the storage tank.
Ice making process image
Before making ice, or after using your ice maker for a certain amount of time, you need to be aware that it needs to be cleaned to kill bacteria. If your country has very strict hygiene regulations, it would be nice to have a good cleaning function to help you deal with it.

Our commercial ice machines feature a one-touch self-cleaning feature. You just need to press and hold the green button for 3-5 seconds to activate it. These machines take approximately 40 minutes to complete the cleaning job.

Then you have a clean and hygienic ice machine

You need to clean the ice machine regularly image
How about an ice maker? It has the following characteristics

Nickel-plated ice tray:
Strong corrosion resistance and more durable.

Anti-fingerprint cover:
Anti-fingerprint, anti-skid, buffer function.

 Hook design:
Hanging ice shovel design, more convenient.

Smart Control Panel:
With one-button automatic cleaning button, main switch.

Water-cooled condenser or air-cooled condenser:
There are 2 different cooling systems for different use environments.

Ice Machine Features image
What accessories does the ice machine have?
  • Water filter * 1
  • Ice shovel * 1
  • manual * 1
  • Water inlet pipe * 1
  • Water drain pipe * 1

How do we pack the ice maker?
The standard packing for FCL is to use carton. If you want to do FCL (small unit), we can pack it in plywood case.

About product packaging imageAbout product packaging image
Yes, they stop automatically. There's a detector inside to control it.
The regular shape of ice is cube ice, nugget ice, flake ice, crunchy ice, crescent ice, bullet ice, and spherical ice.
The daily production capacity of our ice making machines is from 36kg to 2000kg.