Want to find a commercial freezer supplier? This guide will help you.

LVNi mainly focuses on commercial kitchen freezers, and provides self-developed air cooling system, if you want to make an irregular size, it is feasible. Contact us for details.

product feature

Air circulation refrigeration system, fast cooling
Intelligent temperature control
Thickened and adjustable shelf, good for food storage
Brand compressor, stable refrigeration
Universal casters, 360-degree movement is more convenient;
304/201 stainless steel material, strong acid and alkali resistance, high density and more durable

Kitchen Freezer Series

Upright Chiller, Counter Chiller, Drawer Counter Freezer, etc.


Upright chiller is for cooling, upright freezer is for freezing.

You may need an upright chiller with a temperature of 2℃-8℃ or 0℃-10℃ to store vegetables, fruits or beverages. The thawing temperature of frozen meat is about 1°C-4°C or -2°C~2°C.

For different uses, you will need upright freezers in different temperature ranges. The most commonly used is -23°C--18°C, which has a good freezing effect on meat stored for a certain period of time.

Custom sizes and temperatures are accepted.
Don't worry, we have various ranges for you to choose from, welcome to inquire

What is an upright chiller or freezer? image

What kind of freezers for restaurant kitchen is good? Stable cooling effect? Less and easy maintenance? I reckon it should be a right match to what your customers need. Contact us to work it out.

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Smaller Compressor Unit: under the same body size, it has a bigger storage room.

Dust Filter Net: keep dust out of a condenser, regularly easy clean, longer lifespan.

Frost Free: no ice block issue in the cabinet.

Circulating Cooling: univeral cooling ensures every single of food is well cooled.

Module Compressor Unit: for easy maintenance, easy to replace a new compressor when it fails.

Various options for holding: with shelves, or GN pans, or EN grill pans for bakery, or drawers.

Tailor what you need: do irregular size or temperature.
How to maintain a commercial reach in refrigerator? image
Like your car and everything else, restaurant commercial refrigerators also need to be cleaned up regularly. The main parts that needed cleaning are the inner body, shelves, door seal, and most importantly, the dust-proof filter net on a condensator.

  • The compressor is like a heart of a body, the condensator is a mouth, it needs to breathe well to survive. If dust is stuck on a filter, or say on a condensator, it very likely causes the whole equipment can't cool well, or even not work. Thus, regularly cleaning a filter or a condensator per week or 2 weeks is a crucial job.
  • To clean an inner body and shelves, that's much easy. Cleaning them with water then wiping them with disinfecting alcohol.
  • Don't forget to clean door seals. They're places where may hide dirty things.

What if the compressor fails, but the body is in a good shape?
Our module design of a compressor unit will help you out. By screwing out some screws, then you can detach the whole compressor unit at the whole one. After that, you can replace it with a brand new one. Easy, saving cost, saving time.
Normally it's 3-5 years under a circumstance of cleaning and maintaining regularly according to our user manual.
Yes, we can offer you 3% for spare parts for you on a full container order.
Yes. Tell us your country, or the voltage and frequency you need, we will match you a set of corresponding parts.
Yes, please contact us on the website, filling the form and summit, you'll get a brochure, and our colleague will contact you within hours.