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18 Feb

Freezers are a necessity in modern life. Today I will share with you 5 tips on how to use freezers.

1. The freezer needs to stand for 30 minutes when used for the first time. When purchasing and transporting a freezer, you need to let the freezer stand for more than 30 minutes when using it for the first time. After the refrigerant is stable, turn on the power again. Run the empty cabinet for 3 hours, and then put in the food that needs to be kept fresh in batches. Do not fill it too full at one time, leaving a gap for smoother air-conditioning circulation. A slight sound of running water will be emitted when the refrigerant flows in the pipe, which is normal.

2. Please pay attention if the freezer will not be idle for a long time. When a commercial freezer is out of service for a long time, the power supply should be cut off first, and then the inner and outer surfaces and accessories of the freezer should be scrubbed clean. An appropriate gap should be left when closing the door to keep the freezer ventilated and dry.

3. Adjust the refrigeration status of commercial freezers. When the freezer changes from refrigerated to frozen, the refrigerated food should be taken out first to avoid freezing damage; when it changes from frozen to refrigerated, the thermostat can be adjusted to the refrigerated position first, and then the frozen food can be removed and the empty box can be balanced. Dry the inner wall in about an hour and then put in the food that needs to be refrigerated.

4. Pay attention to the temperature adjustment of the freezer. When the temperature outside the cabinet is higher than 25°C during freezing, an appropriate temperature is recommended to reduce the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the freezer and reduce energy consumption.

5. Note: Do not put hot food in the freezer. Hot food should be cooled to room temperature before being refrigerated to avoid unnecessary power consumption and placing unnecessary load on the freezer.

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