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15 Jan

In daily use, in addition to refrigerating and freezing items, the freezer also consumes some electricity. If some effective power-saving methods can be adopted, the energy consumption of the freezer will be greatly reduced. Here are some tips to reduce freezer energy consumption

1. Ambient temperature

First of all, the ambient temperature cannot be overheated, as overheating will affect the heat dissipation efficiency of the condensate gas. Under the same conditions, the higher the ambient temperature, the greater the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the cabinet. In order to balance the internal and external temperatures, the compressor must run for a long time and the power consumption will also increase. Therefore, the freezer should be placed in a cool and ventilated location

2. Adjust the temperature reasonably

Secondly, the temperature inside the cabinet can be controlled by adjusting the thermostat. It is recommended to adjust the required temperature. The lower the adjusted temperature, the higher the power consumption. Direct cooling freezer thermostat, the higher the gear, the lower the temperature inside the freezer. The LVNi air-cooled freezer uses an intelligent electronic thermostat. The temperature inside the cabinet is adjusted to a certain degree. It has precise temperature control and is easy to operate.

3. Reduce the number of door openings and closings

After increasing the number of opening and closing of the refrigerator door, a large amount of cold air will be lost, causing the compressor to start frequently, and the power consumption will increase. Therefore, when using the freezer, we should try to take out the required items at one time to reduce the number of opening and closing the door, which can also reduce the energy consumption of the freezer.

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