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22 Feb

1. Different structures

Household freezers are mainly composed of two parts: the freezer and the fresh-keeping room. The fresh-keeping room is mainly used for refrigeration and preservation of food. The shorter storage time is suitable for temporary food preservation. The freezer is mainly used for freezing food. The longer storage time is suitable for long-term preservation. food. Commercial freezers have different types of structures according to different uses, including those specially used for refrigeration or freezing, as well as dual-temperature cabinets.

2. The appearance is different

Household freezers have smaller volumes and come in various shapes. Commercial freezers have larger capacities. It has a simple appearance, is for commercial use, and is more expensive than a household refrigerator.

3. The applicable places of the two are different.

Commercial freezers are mainly divided into commercial refrigerators and freezers. Commercial refrigerators are widely used for the storage and sales of various beverages, dairy products, fruits, flowers, etc. Commercial freezers have relatively low temperatures and are mainly used for the storage and sales of ice cream and frozen foods. . Household freezers are mainly used for daily household use and can store food that needs to be refrigerated or needs to be frozen for a long time.

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