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13 May

01 Single temperature freezer

Refrigerators or freezers are also called single-temperature freezers. One storage room, one temperature, refrigeration or freezing. The refrigeration temperature is generally between 0 and 10°C, while the freezing temperature is minus 18°C.

02 Dual temperature freezer

A dual-temperature freezer is a freezer with separate freezer and refrigerator compartments. Dual temperature means two temperature zones and two thermostats. Refrigeration or freezing can be used at the same time. The functions are fixed, synchronization does not interfere, and the range of use is wider. It is in line with the current development trend of high-end freezers, and also meets the needs of small and medium-sized business owners such as convenience stores and supermarkets.

03 Variable temperature freezer

The variable temperature refrigerator has one storage room and two temperatures. It can be used as either a refrigerator or a freezer as needed. Switch according to the adjustment of the thermostat. When refrigeration is needed, turn the knob to the refrigeration position; when freezing is needed, turn the knob to the freezing position. One dual-temperature integrated conversion freezer is equivalent to two freezers. Variable-temperature freezers have superior performance-price ratio, but they consume relatively more energy than single-temperature freezers.

The differences between single temperature, dual temperature and variable temperature freezers

The main difference is in the temperature regulation function.Each has its own advantages and suitable groups. When everyone buys a freezer, the first thing to consider is the purpose of the freezer and the functions it needs. If you only need refrigeration but not freezing, just buy a single-temperature freezer. What suits you is the best

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