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23 Apr

Air-cooled freezers and direct-cooled freezers differ in cooling methods, so each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Direct cooling freezer:

Advantages: simple structure, relatively low failure rate. Because it is cooled by natural convection, the food is less affected by drying and can maintain better humidity.

Disadvantages: Temperature control is not precise enough, and the refrigerator temperature may be too low and the freezer temperature may be too high. Since the refrigerator and freezer compartments are separate, frost or freezing may occur and require periodic defrosting.

Air-cooled freezer:

Advantages: Cooling through fan forced air circulation, precise temperature control, faster cooling. Using an integrated design, there is no separation between the refrigerator compartment and the freezer compartment, so there will be no frost or freezing, and no manual defrosting is required.

Disadvantages: The structure is relatively complex and the failure rate may be slightly higher. Due to the presence of the fan, food may be affected by air drying and have lower humidity.

in conclusion:

Choosing an air-cooled freezer or a direct-cooled freezer mainly depends on personal use needs. If you value precise temperature control and the absence of frequent defrost, an air-cooled freezer may be more suitable for you. And if you prefer food to maintain good humidity and do not need regular defrosting, then a direct cooling freezer is more suitable.

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