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29 Apr

01 Automatic defrost

Generally, freezers will produce frost during the refrigeration process. Frost occurs in direct-cooling freezers because food is placed directly on the surface of the evaporator for cooling. Usually, multiple evaporators are installed in the freezer. Since the evaporator is the "inner wall of the freezer", a defrosting system cannot be installed, so manual defrosting is required. Air-cooled frost-free freezers generally only have one evaporator inside, and then the cold air is sent to various locations in the freezer through fans and air ducts. Since the evaporator is not in direct contact with the food, the heating system can be used to heat the evaporator in a short time and melt it. Refrigeration resumes immediately after frost, and the temperature fluctuations in the freezer are minimal, which is convenient and does not affect the quality of food refrigeration.

02 Clean and refreshing

The interior of the frost-free freezer is clean and refreshing. Because the evaporator is separated from the food, the food will not stick to the evaporator. Moreover, the cold air system of the frost-free freezer takes away excess moisture in the freezer, so the food will not freeze together. The cold air constantly circulating in the frost-free freezer is filtered by the deodorization system to keep the smell in the freezer fresh for a long time and reduce the odor transfer between foods. Direct cooling freezers do not have this function. 

03 Uniform cooling

Frost-free freezers are refrigerated through a cold air system, and the temperature inside the freezer is stable and even. However, direct cooling freezers rely on natural convection for direct cooling. Food close to the evaporator will be very cold, while places far away from the evaporator can easily form freezing dead spots, causing food to deteriorate.

04 Accurate temperature

Freezers rely on a thermostat to control the cooling temperature. The temperature of the frost-free freezer is uniform, and the electronic temperature control panel controls the temperature accurately. However, due to the freezing dead zone in direct-cooling freezers, the temperature at the temperature control point is often several degrees different from the actual temperature, which affects the preservation quality of food. 

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