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20 Feb

When de-icing, some people will use a knife to remove the ice, but it can easily scratch the inner wall of the freezer, causing refrigerant leakage and causing an explosion.

How to safely remove ice?

Step one: First unplug the refrigerator and cut off the power supply to ensure safe operation.

Step 2: Remove food from the refrigerator and empty the refrigeratorStep Three: Melt the Ice

Method 1: Melt naturally. If the temperature outside the box is relatively high, open the refrigerator door and let the ice cubes melt naturally at room temperature. After de-icing is complete, wipe the inside of the refrigerator with a clean wet towel

Method 2: Use hot water to remove ice. Put hot water in the refrigerator and close the refrigerator door. After a few minutes the ice fell off in large quantities. Just clean it up in time at this time.

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