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01 Jul

The difference lies in their refrigeration method and speed, energy efficiency ratio and temperature control ability.

Ordinary freezers usually use natural convection cooling, which takes a long time to reach the required temperature, while blast freezers use forced convection cooling, which can quickly freeze food in a short time. This rapid freezing function is very helpful for preserving fresh ingredients, preventing them from spoiling and extending their shelf life.

blast freezers usually have a higher energy efficiency ratio, can reach the set temperature more quickly and maintain a stable temperature, so as to better maintain the freshness and taste of food. In addition, blast freezers usually have stronger temperature control capabilities and can better adapt to the temperature range required by different foods.

When choosing a blast freezer or a regular freezer, you need to consider your needs and budget. blast freezers are widely used in the catering industry, food processing field and households due to their rapid freezing characteristics. They can retain the original nutritional value, color and aroma of food to the greatest extent and extend the shelf life of food.

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