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25 Apr

1. Placement environment

The freezer should be placed in a well-ventilated, dry, and cool place to avoid direct sunlight and humid environments. This will help ensure the normal operation of the freezer and extend its service life.

2. Power supply and voltage

Ensure that the power supply and voltage used by the freezer are stable to avoid damage to the freezer due to excessive voltage fluctuations. At the same time, use dedicated power sockets and avoid sharing sockets with other electrical appliances.

3. Load management

Do not overfill or over-stack food in the freezer. Distribute food reasonably to ensure smooth air circulation so that food is cooled evenly. At the same time, avoid frequently opening and closing the freezer door to reduce the loss of air conditioning.

4. Cleaning and hygiene

Clean the inside and outside of the freezer regularly to remove stains and frost. Keep the inside of the freezer dry to avoid accumulation of food residue and moisture.

5. Temperature adjustment

Reasonably adjust the temperature of the freezer according to the type of food and preservation needs. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the refrigerator compartment should be set at 2-8°C, and the temperature of the freezer compartment should be set below -18°C. The accuracy of the thermometer needs to be checked regularly to ensure that the temperature is controlled within the appropriate range.

6. Maintenance and upkeep

Perform regular maintenance and upkeep on the freezer, such as checking the working condition of the refrigeration system, condenser, fan and other components, and cleaning up dust and debris in a timely manner. If any abnormality or malfunction is found, please contact professionals for repair in time.

7. Food management

Pay attention to the storage method and period of food, and avoid storing expired food in the freezer for a long time. Store food in categories to avoid cross-contamination between different foods.

In short, the correct use and maintenance of commercial refrigerators is the key to ensuring the freshness and safety of food. During use, the above precautions should be followed and regular maintenance and care should be carried out to extend the service life of the freezer and improve the freshness preservation effect.

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