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29 Mar

In the field of refrigeration appliances, air-cooled freezers are more popular than traditional direct-cooled kitchen freezers

1. Rapid cooling capability

Air-cooled freezers are designed to cool their contents quickly. This rapid cooling capability is critical for businesses that need to store large quantities of perishable items to ensure food stays fresher longer. In contrast, direct-cool freezers may take longer to cool due to their direct cooling method. 

2. Uniform temperature distribution

One of the main advantages of air-cooled refrigerators is their ability to maintain an even temperature throughout the storage space. This means that no matter where food is placed within the refrigerator, they are exposed to consistent cooling conditions. In contrast, direct-cool refrigerators may have temperature variations that can lead to uneven cooling within the refrigerator 

3. Automatic defrost function

Air-cooled refrigerators usually have an automatic defrost function to help prevent frost from forming inside the refrigerator. This feature eliminates the need for manual defrost, saving business owners time and effort. Direct-cool refrigerators, on the other hand, may require periodic manual defrosting, which can be a time-consuming task. 

To summarize, commercial freezers, especially air-cooled freezers, offer several advantages over traditional kitchen freezers. Its rapid cooling capabilities, uniform temperature distribution and automatic defrost function make it the first choice for companies in the food industry. LVNi has been focusing on air-cooled freezers for 12 years.

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