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24 Jun

1. Reasons for the noise of the small refrigerator

①. Refrigeration device problem: If the small refrigerator keeps making noises, there may be damage to the refrigeration device or foreign objects blocking the refrigerant pipe. It will affect the refrigeration effect.

②. Fan noise: If there is a problem with the fan, the refrigerator noise may become louder. There are many types of fan problems, such as normal wear and tear or the need for replacement.

③. The ambient temperature is too high: If the indoor temperature is very high, the compressor needs a large power to cool the small refrigerator. If the temperature is too high, it may cause the small refrigerator to keep making noises. In this case, you need to consider adjusting the temperature or changing the current position of the refrigerator.

④. Refrigerator structure problem: caused by improper placement of the refrigeration device or loose screws. In this case, you need to prepare tools in advance and modify the internal components of the refrigerator.

2. Solutions to the noise of the small refrigerator

①. Cleaning: Remove dust and foreign objects from the refrigerator to maintain good heat dissipation and ventilation capabilities.

②. Adjust the position: Place the small refrigerator in a cool place, reduce the power of the refrigerator, and reduce the noise of the small refrigerator.

③. Modify the structure: Check the internal parts of the refrigerator. If you find any loose screws or improper installation of the refrigeration components, modify them immediately.

④. Check the power cord: The power cord used by the refrigerator may be worn and needs to be replaced with a new one immediately.

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