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24 Jan

1.Power supply problem

If the small refrigerator is not connected to the power supply properly or there is a problem with the power cord, the small refrigerator will not be able to cool. 

2. Compressor problem

The compressor of a small refrigerator is the core component of refrigeration. If it fails, common faults include compressor damage, capacitor damage, compressor pipeline blockage, etc. 

3. Refrigerant problem

Insufficient or leaking refrigerant, and if the refrigerant is used for too long, will also affect the cooling effect.

4. Thermostat problem

Common faults include thermostat failure, thermostat sensor damage, etc. 

5. Fan problem

Common faults include fan damage, fan speed being too slow, etc.

6. Solution to small refrigerator not cooling

①. Check the power supply

First check whether the power supply is properly connected. If the power supply is normal, you can check whether the power cord is damaged. If the power cord is damaged, it needs to be replaced. 

②. Check the compressor 

If the small refrigerator is not cooling, you can check whether the compressor is working properly. You can hear whether the compressor is running. If there is no sound, it means the compressor is malfunctioning. At this point the compressor needs to be replaced. 

③. Check the refrigerant

If the small refrigerator is not cooling, you can check whether there is enough refrigerant. You can judge whether the refrigerant is sufficient by observing the pressure gauge of the small refrigerator. If the refrigerant is insufficient, you need to add refrigerant. If refrigerant leaks, you need to find professional maintenance personnel to repair it. 

④. Check the thermostat

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