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06 Mar

1. Preparation. The ice machine is placed on a stable surface to maintain a well-ventilated environment. Check that the ice machine's power cord is securely connected and that the electrical outlet is up to standard.

2. Connect water and electricity. Connect the water inlet and drain pipes.

3. Start the ice machine. Plug the ice maker into an electrical outlet and turn on the power switch. Press the start button on the ice machine to enter working status.

4. Wait for ice making to complete. After the ice machine starts working, it will automatically enter the ice making program. Depending on the model and specifications of the ice machine, it usually takes about 5-10 minutes.

5. Get ice. When the ice making is completed, the ice machine will automatically stop working and sound a beep. When the ice is full, it will automatically stop. Open the ice machine's refrigerator door and carefully remove the ice using an extraction tool or gloves.

6. Cleaning and maintenance. After use, drain the remaining water in time and clean the dirt inside and outside the ice machine. Regularly check the wear and tear of ice machine parts and replace them if necessary.

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