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01 Feb

1. Check the refrigerant: Turn on the ice machine and check for refrigerant leaks. If there is insufficient refrigerant, the machine may not be able to cool properly.

2. Check the cooling system: Check whether the cooling system is working properly. If the cooling system fails, the ice machine will not function properly.

3. Check the compressor: Check whether the compressor is operating normally. If the compressor fails, the ice machine will not be able to produce refrigeration.

4. Check the circuit: Check whether the circuit is working properly. If the circuit is faulty, the ice maker will not start properly.

5. Check the drain tray: If there is dirt and blockage in the drain tray, the water in the drain tray will not flow to the inner wall, and ice will not be made. The water will keep flowing without making ice. You need to find a wire to hold the drain tray. Once the stains in the water pan are cleaned, the ice will be produced normally.

6. The temperature is too high: Check the temperature setting to ensure that the temperature setting is moderate so that the ice machine can work properly.

7. Water tank stains: There are stains in the water tank, which will cause the water return port to be blocked and cause water leakage. Is the float ball in the water tank floating on the door? If the float ball and water level sensor sink, it will automatically sense a lack of water and stop making ice.

8. Low water flow: Check the water source pressure and water pipes to ensure sufficient water flow. If the water source pressure is insufficient, you may need to increase the water pressure or clean the water pipes.

9. Ice machine parts are damaged or malfunctioning

If none of the above methods work, a part of the ice machine may be damaged or malfunctioning. It is recommended to contact service personnel to repair or replace the defective parts.

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