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29 Jan

1. Common reasons why the ice machine does not remove ice

① Compressor failure: The ice machine's condenser and evaporator circulate through the compressor. If the compressor fails, the refrigerant cannot circulate normally, causing the ice machine to not remove ice.

② Insufficient refrigerant flow: If the refrigerant flow of the ice machine is insufficient, the evaporator of the ice machine cannot absorb enough heat, causing the condenser to be unable to fully dissipate heat, which in turn causes the ice machine to not remove ice.

③ Defroster failure: The defroster of the ice machine is a device used to remove ice on the surface of the evaporator. If the defroster fails, excessive ice will accumulate on the surface of the evaporator, causing the ice machine to malfunction. Take off the ice. 

2. Solution

Solution to compressor failure: Compressor failure of the ice machine mainly includes motor failure and damage to the internal seals of the compressor. If the motor fails, the motor can be replaced or repaired; if the seal is damaged, the seal needs to be replaced and the refrigerant needs to be refilled.

Solution to insufficient refrigerant flow: You can ensure the normal flow of refrigerant by checking and cleaning the condenser, evaporator and filter of the ice machine.

Solution to defroster failure: It can be solved by checking the defroster resistance and heat plate, cleaning the defroster water pan, etc.

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