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08 May

01 Air-cooled freezer automatic defrost

The evaporator of the air-cooled freezer is not in direct contact with food. The evaporator can be heated up for a short time through the heating system. It will start cooling immediately after defrosting, without affecting the temperature inside the freezer. It is easy to use and ensures storage quality.Green Zero Freezer uses a customized air-cooling module with a three-dimensional circulation air duct, which not only saves energy but also eliminates the trouble of defrosting. Deep freezing and quick freezing, fast freezing, keeping the moisture in the food cells intact, quickly locking nutrients to avoid loss, the food is evenly frozen from the inside to the outside, and the freshness preservation effect is good. 

02 Air-cooled freezer is clean and refreshing

The interior of the frost-free freezer is clean and refreshing. Its cold air system takes away excess moisture in the box during the refrigeration process, so no frost is generated. When the food is frozen, it will not freeze together. The continuously circulating cold air is filtered by the deodorization system. , keeping the smell in the freezer fresh for a long time and greatly reducing the phenomenon of food odor mixing with each other. 

03 Air-cooled freezer cools evenly

The cold air system of the air-cooled freezer is like installing an air conditioner in the freezer. The cold flow penetrates everywhere. The temperature inside the freezer is stable and uniform, so the food can be stored with confidence and kept fresh.

 04 Air-cooled freezer temperature is accurate

The refrigeration temperature of the air-cooled freezer is controllable, and the temperature at the temperature control point is the temperature at any point. The temperature inside the freezer is very precise, the temperature inside the cabinet is clear at a glance, and the status of the ingredients is fully controllable.

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