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18 Apr

1. The air-cooled freezer has a good preservation effect. Rapid cooling is achieved through continuous circulation of cold air, and the temperature control is more precise. There are no cooling dead spots, and the quality and taste of food can be maintained.

2. Air-cooled freezers are usually equipped with fans inside, which can speed up the circulation of cold air, so that food can be cooled evenly and prevent food from sticking.

3. The air-cooled freezer has a defrost function, which can avoid the impact of frost accumulation on food.

4. Some high-end air-cooled freezers are equipped with intelligent control systems that can automatically adjust temperature and humidity according to the type and quantity of food to achieve the best preservation effect.

To sum up, air-cooled freezers usually have better preservation effects and can maintain the freshness and taste of food. They are one of the common preservation equipment in homes and commercial places.

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