LVNi fridge丨2 doors kitchen upright commercial refrigerator manufacture in China

  • Category: Restaurant Upright Freezer
  • SKU: EBC-0.5L1F/D





1. The detachable unit is convenient for repair and maintenance of the freezer;

2. The detachable dust-proof net design is convenient for cleaning and maintenance, and the cooling is stable;

3. Intelligent and precise temperature control, accurate to 0.1°C, easy to operate;

4. Air circulation refrigeration system, fast refrigeration, uniform air conditioning, no need for manual defrosting;

5. The brand compressor has stable refrigeration and high cost performance;

6. Food-grade stainless steel material, strong acid and alkali resistance, high density and more durable

LVNi is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, design, production and sales of high-end commercial products. The main core products include kitchen air-cooled refrigerators, cold chain cabinets, smart refrigerators, star hotels, etc. Provide one-stop kitchen equipment solutions