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29 May

I. Placement

1. It should be placed in a ventilated and dry place as far as possible, avoiding direct sunlight.

2. Try to avoid placing it in a humid and temperature-changing place, such as a balcony.

3. It should be kept at a certain distance from the wall to facilitate heat dissipation and cleaning.

4. It is best not to place it in a closed small room or cabinet, because this will increase the load on the compressor and reduce the refrigeration effect.

II. Instructions for use

1. The newly purchased blast freezer should be cleaned before use to avoid odor.

2. Before putting food in, the cooling temperature should be set in advance and the storage time should be accurately grasped to avoid affecting the quality of the food.

3. Try to avoid opening the blast freezer door frequently during use to reduce the loss of cold air and reduce the load on the refrigeration compressor.

4. Close the blast freezer door after each use to ensure sealing and avoid the entry of hot air.

III. Maintenance

1. Clean the blast freezer regularly to avoid odor and cross contamination.

2. During the cleaning process, do not use strong acid and strong alkaline substances such as acidic and highly alkaline substances to avoid damage to the blast freezer.

3. Regularly check the refrigeration pipelines, condensers and other components to keep them clean and smooth to ensure refrigeration efficiency.

4. If any abnormal phenomenon occurs, such as insufficient cold air and reduced refrigeration effect, you should contact professional technicians in time for inspection and repair.

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