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17 Jan

Freezers are often used in restaurant kitchens. How do we choose the ones we like?

First: refrigeration method.

Freezers are divided into direct cooling and air cooling. Direct cooling freezers will frost and need to be manually defrosted regularly so that the cooling efficiency will not be affected. The air-cooled freezer is frost-free, cools evenly, is easy to use, and can achieve good storage results.

Second: freezing ability.

The unit of freezer freezing capacity is generally Kg/12h, which represents how many Kg of food the freezer can cool down from 25°C to -18°C within 12 hours. The larger the parameter, the faster the freezing speed of food, the less likely to damage the cell structure, and the ability to retain nutrients.

Third: temperature control method.

There are two ways to control the temperature of the freezer: one is mechanical temperature control, which has a simple structure and good stability, but is less convenient to operate. The freezer needs to be opened to complete the operation, which cannot achieve a truly independent refrigeration system and will cause food odor problems. The other is computer temperature control, which uses digital and thermistor timing and temperature sensing functions to control the power supply to start or shut down the motor. It has a display screen and precise temperature control, which can realize an independent refrigeration system, making the freezer more effective and eliminating the problem of food odor.

Fourth: product temperature zone.

There are two types of freezer temperature zones: single temperature zone and dual temperature zone. The single temperature zone has only one compartment, which can usually be refrigerated or frozen, but it cannot be refrigerated and frozen at the same time in the same compartment. The dual temperature zone has two compartments, which can both refrigerate vegetables and freeze fish.After reading these suggestions, you can choose a suitable freezer

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