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16 Apr

Refrigeration method: How to choose between direct cooling and air cooling? LVNi mainly produces air-cooled freezers. The direct cooling type has a simple structure and the advantage is that the price is relatively low, but it has disadvantages such as frost on the inner wall of the refrigerator and uneven cooling. Air-cooled refrigeration has high efficiency, uniform cooling, and no frost on the inner wall. Generally, economical products use more direct cooling systems, while high-end products use more air-cooling systems. Large side-by-side refrigerators with larger volumes are all air-cooled systems. You don’t have to worry about power consumption when you choose a LVNi air-cooled freezer. We have energy-saving product certification and a first-class energy efficiency rating label. 

Price: Freezers with different functions and models have different prices. We will choose the most cost-effective freezer that is most suitable for you within the required functions and budget. 

Capacity: LVNi air-cooled refrigerators include upright refrigerators and under counter refrigerators. To determine the freezer capacity based on your needs, you need to consider the hotel's daily food storage needs and the possibility of future business expansion. Generally speaking, choosing a freezer that is slightly larger than your actual needs will better meet your future needs. When choosing a freezer, you need to determine its size to ensure it can fit reasonably in your hotel's kitchen or storage area. At the same time, it is also necessary to leave enough space for personnel to operate

Function: Different types of food require different temperatures for storage. For example, quick-frozen food dough and beef have higher freezing temperature requirements, usually between -18°C and -23°C. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a freezer with an appropriate temperature range and adjustable temperature to meet the storage needs of different ingredients.

Consider after-sales service: When purchasing a freezer, you need to consider the quality and coverage of after-sales service. You can choose some brands or merchants with good after-sales service to purchase freezers to ensure that any problems encountered during use can be solved in a timely manner. 

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