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25 Jan

A cigar humidor refrigerator is used to store and protect cigars. It is made of wood or metal materials and has the following functions and functions: 

1. Maintain constant temperature and humidity

A constant temperature and humidity controller is installed inside the cigar humidor refrigerator, which can control the temperature and humidity, so that the cigars can be stored in a suitable environment and maintain the moisture content and taste of the cigars.

 2. Insect-proof and mildew-proof

Protects cigars from pests and mold.

 3. Display 

Cigar humidor refrigerator with glass doors and lighting to display and display cigars 

4. Storage and organization

The cigar humidor refrigerator can store multiple cigars, and other accessories, making it easy to organize and manage cigar supplies. 

5. Decoration

The cigar humidor refrigerator itself has a certain degree of decoration and can add to the taste and atmosphere of the home.

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