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27 Jun

The main role of cigar humidor refrigerator is to provide a constant temperature and humidity environment to ensure that the quality and taste of cigars are maintained to the greatest extent.

 A cigar humidor refrigerator is a cabinet dedicated to the storage and display of cigars. It uses advanced temperature and humidity control technology to create ideal storage conditions. By precisely controlling the temperature and humidity, the cigar humidor refrigerator can simulate an environment similar to that of a professional cigar room, which is conducive to the long-term preservation of cigars. The temperature is usually set at 18-21 degrees Celsius, and the humidity is kept in the range of 65-75%. Such conditions help the cigars to mature and preserve, and prevent them from becoming too dry or wet. 

In addition, the cigar humidor refrigerator also has a good air circulation system to ensure air circulation in the cabinet, which is essential to prevent the formation of mold and odor. It provides a safe and stable environment to protect cigars from temperature and humidity fluctuations 

High-quality cigar humidor refrigerator are usually made of Spanish cedar wood, with internal partition and layered design. High-end cigar humidor refrigerator also have the function of intelligently adjusting humidity and temperature to keep them in the best condition. Cedar wood has a high ability to absorb water and remains stable at high moisture levels, thus ensuring that the proper humidity levels are achieved during cigar curing.

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