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23 Jan

There may be the following problems

1. Power supply problem.Check the power supply to see if the power connection is normal.

2. Compressor problem. Check if the compressor is running. The compressor will emit a slight vibrating motor sound when operating normally.

3. Refrigerant leakage. Determine whether there is refrigerant in the refrigeration system. Unplug the refrigerator after running it for a few minutes and listen carefully to the sound of liquid flowing through the copper pipes. If there is no sound, the refrigerant in the system has leaked or the compressor has lost its ability to operate.

4. Fan problem. Open the freezer door and check that the fan is running. If the fan is not running, the refrigerator will not cool. Placing too much food will also affect the cooling effect.

Finally, if the freezer door is often opened, it will also lead to poor cooling effect of the freezer. When there is a problem with the freezer, please find maintenance personnel in time to repair it.

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