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27 May


Compressor problem: Check whether the compressor of the cake fridge is working properly. If the compressor is not working or is not working properly, the temperature will not drop. You can check whether the motor coil is burned out and the condition of the starter. Sometimes the overheat protector is working and it takes a certain amount of time for the compressor temperature to drop before it can be started.

Refrigerant problem: Check whether the refrigerant is leaking or lacking fluorine. If the refrigerant leaks or lacks fluorine, it will result in the failure of normal cooling. You can tell whether there is a refrigerant leak by listening to the sound of liquid flowing in the copper pipe.

Evaporator problem: Check whether the evaporator is frosted or has excessive dust accumulation, which will affect the heat transfer effect and cause the temperature to fail to drop. When the evaporator is frosted or has excessive dust accumulation, it should be cleaned.

Insulation and sealing: Check whether the insulation and sealing of the cake fridge are good. If the insulation is extremely poor or the sealing is not good, it will cause cooling loss and affect the temperature reduction. The insulation thickness of pipes, insulated walls, etc. should be checked for adequate thickness and that the sealing strips are intact.

Environmental factors: Consider whether the environment where the cake fridge is located has an impact on temperature control. For example, in high temperature environments in summer, the cooling effect of the cake fridge may be affected. Measures can be taken such as using auxiliary cooling equipment such as fans to help cool down.

Power supply problem: Check whether the power connection is normal. If the power connection is incorrect, the compressor may not work properly, thus affecting the cooling effect.

Use and care: Make sure your cake fridge is used and cared for correctly. Avoid placing high-temperature objects in the cake fridge, and perform regular cleaning and maintenance to maintain good cooling effect.

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