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04 Jul

The key steps of the operation steps include material preparation, machine cleaning, raw material mixing, hardness setting and ice cream making.

The following are the detailed operation steps:

1. Material preparation: Depending on the type of ice cream machine, the required materials are different. For machines that use ice cream powder, you need to prepare ice cream powder, water and cones. Make sure to mix the ingredients correctly according to the proportions in the instructions.

2. Machine cleaning: Before use, the machine should be cleaned first. This usually includes pouring clean water into the material tank, starting the cleaning function, draining the water after running for a few minutes, and repeating this process to ensure that it is clean.

3. Raw material mixing: After cleaning, mix the ice cream powder and water evenly according to the proportion indicated in the manual. After standing for a period of time (usually 10-15 minutes), pour the slurry into the material tank.

4. Hardness setting: Adjust the hardness of the ice cream according to personal taste. Some advanced ice cream machines allow users to set the hardness value as needed.

5. Ice cream making: Start the refrigeration function of the ice cream machine. When the ice cream reaches the set hardness, the machine will automatically enter standby mode. At this time, you can place the prepared cone or cup under the liquid discharge valve, press the discharge handle, and you can make delicious ice cream.

Note: When using the ice cream machine, be careful not to put the host into water for cleaning, but wipe it clean with a cloth. In addition, when the machine is carried and moved, the tilt angle should not exceed 45 degrees. Read the instructions in detail before use to ensure the correct operation of the machine.

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