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22 May

An ice cream machine is a piece of equipment specifically used to make ice cream. It converts a liquid mixture into ice cream through specific technical principles. Here's how an ice cream machine works:

Cooling System. 

The refrigeration system of the ice cream machine is mainly composed of compressor , condenser , evaporator and expansion valve. The compressor compresses the refrigerant into high-pressure gas, and then enters the condenser. In the condenser, the high-temperature and high-pressure gas contacts the low temperature of the surrounding environment, dissipates heat and cools itself into a high-pressure liquid. The high-pressure liquid enters the evaporator. In the evaporator, the liquid refrigerant relaxes and decompresses into low-temperature vapor and absorbs heat around the evaporator, causing the temperature of the liquid mixture to further drop.

Stirring system. 

Inside the ice cream maker is a churning system, usually driven by an electric motor. The motor drives the mixer to rotate to evenly mix the ice cream ingredients and prevent the formation of large ice crystals or excessive intake of air during freezing.

freezing process.

 First, the refrigeration system of the ice cream machine starts to work, quickly reducing the internal temperature to the freezing temperature required for ice cream. Then, pour the prepared ice cream ingredients into the mixing barrel. At the same time, the mixer starts stirring the ingredients. Since the agitator operates in the air, the raw materials are constantly in contact with the cooling liquid refrigerant, causing the temperature of the raw materials to gradually drop.

Freezing process. 

When the raw material temperature drops below the freezing point of the ice cream raw material, the moisture in the raw material begins to freeze and form ice crystals. During the stirring process, the stirrer continuously disperses the ice crystals to prevent them from becoming too large. At the same time, the cooling refrigerant continues to absorb heat in the mixing barrel, accelerating the freezing process of the ice cream.

Complete the process. 

When the ice cream reaches the desired texture and taste, the ice cream maker stops working. At this point, the ice cream has been made. Users can take the ice cream out and enjoy it, or transfer it to the freezer for further chilling.Through the above working principle, the ice cream machine can make ice cream with smooth texture from raw materials in a short time.

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