LVNi can make from small size wine cellars to big size dual zone wine cellars and beverage coolers, from 33 bottles to 356 bottles, or even bigger capacity. We can tailor a wine cellar to meet your OEM requirements. Single zone, dual-zone, or to change size, materials, or LED lighting is available.

We can do:
  1. Single zone wine fridge
  2. Dual zone wine fridge
  3. Undercounter/built-in wine fridge
  4. Dual zone wine and beverage refrigerator
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Here you can buy a wine cellar for home or restaurants.

Since LVNi's establishment in 2011, it has sold wine cellars domestically and overseas, including in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Norway, France, Turkey, Australia, Canada, the USA, and so on.

  • We can do OEM or ODM for your business. This means we can customize any size, or make your logo on fridges and packing boxes.
  • We have engineers with practical experience to help you design.
  • We offer competitive prices.
  • We're looking for more distributors in many countries, to build up win-win cooperation, and achieve strategic cooperation.
By so far, we take product quality as a primary place. To do a good QC to satisfy customers, we test every single product before shipping. To make good quality, we use good materials.

  1. For shelves, we use regular material - beech wood, which is environmental friendly, moisture-proof, pressure resistant, and durable. Moreover, we have 5types of shelves, flat shelves, display shelves, multipurpose trays, multifunctional cup holders, and aluminum alloy glass trays.
  2. For the dual zone 2 doors type, we use 2 compressors to cool down each zone, to make their temperature independently controllable.
  3. We use a touch-screen thermostat with Celsius/Fahrenheit display function, thus, you can choose your preferable display.
We all know that different kinds of wine require different temperature ranges. What is the best storage temperature for different wines?

Sweet and off-sweet wine: 14~16℃/57.2~60.8℉.
Dry red wine: 16~22℃/60.8~71.6℉.
Off-dry red wine: 16~18℃/60.8~64.4℉.
Dry white wine: 8~10℃/46.4~50℉.
Off-dry white wine: 8~12℃/46.4~53.6℉.
Off-sweet and sweet white wine: 10~12℃/50~53.6℉.

If you buy a dual zone wine cooler, you can choose 2 suitable ranges for different purposes.
What temperature is good for storing wine? imageWhat temperature is good for storing wine? image
LVNi is a factory that offers one-stop solution for hotels, bars, or restaurants.

If you're looking for a wine fridge for a commercial purpose, you many also need a beverage refrigerator and a beer fridge.

If you also need an ice making machine or a kitchen freezer, we also produce those machines.
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Can I use a beverage cooler for wine?

If you mean that a beverage cooler with a temperature range of 0~10℃, you're spoiling your wine. Wine needs to be stored with a temperature range of 5~22℃/41~71.6℉ according to different kinds.

What is the difference between a wine cooler and a beverage cooler?

The main difference is the temperature range. A wine cooler is with 5~22℃/41~71.6℉. A beverage cooler is with 0~10℃/32~50℉. More, a wine cooler is specially designed to be less vibration and less noise, to keep a wine in a better environment.

Can you put beers in a wine cooler?

Yes. You can put beers, drinks, or beverages in a wine cooler. But if you want them to cool enough, you should use a 2 zone wine fridge, then you can use a separate zone to cool beers.

Is a wine fridge cold enough for milk?

The appropriate temperature for milk is around 4℃/39.2℉. The temperature range of a wine fridge is from 5℃/41℉ to 22℃/71.6℉. A wine fridge is not good to cool milk for a long time.

Can you put food in a wine fridge?

Literally, you can. But, don't put something with a strong flavor in it. Otherwise, you're going to taste a mixed-flavor wine.

How long do we need to produce a wine fridge?

Less than 50pcs, we need 15 days to 25 days.
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Besides of wine cellar, our factory can do more types of commercial refrigerators.