Lvni SGG-0.1L1F Undercounter Refrigeration is the perfect solution for your need for more storage but limited space. It is an ideal choice for chain restaurants, bakeries, cafes, food cafes, and catering services.

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This  undercounter refrigerator fits comfortably under any countertop with adequate ventilation space — it storage for fresh foods in a compact. Ideal for a chain restaurant, snack bars, concession stands, pizzerias, sandwich shops, and even break rooms, this undercounter refrigerator comes Adjustable bullet foot design, elegant and concise. So you can easily for cleaning or scheduled maintenance. Detachable filtering net, clean it regularly not only can help save the compressor but also save your electricity bills.

Specifications for this item

Lvni SGG-0.1L1F  Undercounter Refrigeration specification
ModelCapacity(L)Product DimensionsTemperature RangeCooling SystemVoltage/
Power InputRefrigerant


mm W*D*H

2~8℃Fan Cooling
220v/50hz 110v/60hz




mm W*D*H


Self-closing door design

The automatic door closing design helps prevent energy loss, ensuring that the door is properly closed even if your hand is full. It's convenient for busy kitchens and more efficient work.

Detachable filter

It is convenient for regular cleaning, which can effectively prevent the compressor group and the condenser from entering dust. It can not only protect the compressor unit from overheating damage due to excessive dust but also save electricity costs.

Air-cooled refrigeration system

The front, rear and side breathing refrigerating system inlet compressors and the right side mounted cooling fan stay centered on ensuring uniform temperature throughout the interior even after the door was opened. This refrigerator use recycles the environmentally friendly R134a or R404 refrigerant, which effectively provides the freezer cooling effect, making it the best choice for catering services. 

Undercounter refrigerator cooling system

High-efficiency compressor unit, copper tube evaporator, condenser, powerful cooling, 100% imported compressor, high efficiency, long life and good cooling effect.

Air-cooled refrigeration Inlet 45 Angel Design

This base cabinet refrigerator effectively balances room temperature to maintain optimum conditions and reduce the inconvenience caused by cold air inequality. Make the freezer work more efficiently.

Adjustable Shelves

The undercounter refrigerator rack can be adjusted according to different ingredients of the customer, and more space can help you organize the ingredients. The epoxy-coated steel frame is ideal for storing heavy bulk materials to meet the needs of all ingredients.

Bending Edges & Narrow Door Design

To avoid the situation that can't open the doors if two fridge-fridge or fridge-wall Are stick to each other.

Drainage system

Build-in drain hole with a diameter of 30 mm and the drain pipe is made of ABS material. Durable, tube length 610 mm. offers 100 counter refrigerator products. About 55% of them are refrigeration equipment, 10% are refrigerators, and 5% are other hotel and restaurant supplies.

You can choose from a variety of counter refrigerators such as CE and RoHS. You can also choose a freezer that displays more cooling and air cooler. And from a single temperature, double temperature. And whether the counter refrigerator is a paid sample.

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