LVNI 20 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler comes in stylish color steel. JC-48SW thermoelectric wine cooler is the perfect choice for any red wine. This particular wine bottle chiller retains 20 bottles ready to end up being like at any time. It's an excellent choice for many wines storing needs and may quickly be shifted to spice up a kitchen, office or any several other rooms.

  • Category: Wine Cellar


The 20-Bottle wine cooler also has simple to use digital temperature control, keeping every bottle of wine at the temperature you need for a pleasant tasting experience every time. The touch-display control panel and LED display is a simple way to set and monitor the inside of the cooler to ensure your wine is generally appropriately preserved.

Product Name: 20-Bottle wine cooler

Model: JC-48SW

Brand: LVNI

Manufacturer: Lvni Refrigeration Product Factory

Material: color steel

Color: black

Weight: 16.4 kg


Width: 400 mm  Depth: 508 mm  Height: 530 mm

Led/Lock: White LED/No

Temperature/Humidity: 12~18℃, 50%


Width: 448 mm  Depth: 560 mm  Height: 585 mm

CMB: 0.15

20 GP: 200 PCS

40 GP:  420 PCS

40 HQ:  420 PCS

What is a thermoelectric wine cooler?

A thermoelectric wine cooler, the Peltier plate is fixed on a heat pump, which draws hot air out of the wine cabinet and uses a radiator made of aluminum fins to spread it. Fins absorb heat and dissipate it into the surrounding air.

Wine Enthusiast Series Wine Refrigerators

Introducing our latest series of small electronic wine coolers, suitable for small batch collection and unique taste. With stylish design and first-class performance, through the reduction of the top-level wine storage electronic semiconductor technology to a compact size, better display of high-quality red wine. Whether you need to put a few bottles of wine or store wine at the right working temperature, the series is a reasonably priced form and function solution. It has the characteristics of a larger and more expensive refrigerator and saves space. The mute design is very suitable for bedroom and living room use.

Thermoelectric wine fridge vs compressor 

Characteristics of thermoelectric wine fridge

  • Green environmental protection: no refrigerant, no secondary pollution.

    Low noise: no noise from compressor operation.
  • Accurate temperature control: fuzzy electronic linear temperature control technology is adopted
  •  Beautiful shape: Since we don't use an overly complex and huge refrigeration system, the space inside the box increases and the shape is small and varied.
  • Lightweight: no compressor and complex refrigeration system, the weight is greatly reduced. 
  • No vibration: because it is the use of an electronic chip refrigeration system, no compressor operation, so basic no vibration.

Compressor  Wine cooler fridge Features.

  • Cooling fast: compressor cooling speed is faster, cooling time is shorter, compressor cooling time is about 20% -30% of the electronic cooling time.
  • Cooling effect: the lowest temperature can do 5 ℃; temperature control range, generally in the 5 ~ 22 ℃ between, while the semiconductor refrigeration is generally 10 ~ 18 ℃. The compressor wine cabinet is less affected by the ambient temperature, even if the high-temperature environment can also wine cabinet temperature can still reach the ideal wine 3. storage temperature, while the semiconductor wine cabinet can only than the ambient temperature drops 6 ~ 8 ℃. 4.
  • Stable performance: the use of compressor refrigeration technology, mature technology, stable performance, not easy to fail. 5.
  • Long service life: because the technology is mature, and generally use frequency conversion technology, the compressor intermittent work, so the compressor wine cabinet has a longer service life. The service life of the compressor wine cabinet is generally 8 to 10 years; and the service life of the semiconductor wine cabinet is generally 3 to 5 years.