Can I use a beverage cooler for wine?

If you mean that a beverage cooler with a temperature range of 0~10℃, you're spoiling your wine. Wine needs to be stored with a temperature range of 5~22℃/41~71.6℉ according to different kinds.

What is the difference between a wine cooler and a beverage cooler?

The main difference is the temperature range. A wine cooler is with 5~22℃/41~71.6℉. A beverage cooler is with 0~10℃/32~50℉. More, a wine cooler is specially designed to be less vibration and less noise, to keep a wine in a better environment.

Can you put beers in a wine cooler?

Yes. You can put beers, drinks, or beverages in a wine cooler. But if you want them to cool enough, you should use a 2 zone wine fridge, then you can use a separate zone to cool beers.

Is a wine fridge cold enough for milk?

The appropriate temperature for milk is around 4℃/39.2℉. The temperature range of a wine fridge is from 5℃/41℉ to 22℃/71.6℉. A wine fridge is not good to cool milk for a long time.

Can you put food in a wine fridge?

Literally, you can. But, don't put something with a strong flavor in it. Otherwise, you're going to taste a mixed-flavor wine.

How long do we need to produce a wine fridge?

Less than 50pcs, we need 15 days to 25 days.