A company with a green attitude!

Our Service Idea is “Greenlife be with you.” In Chinese - “绿生活·零距离.” “绿生活” means “Green Life,” which not only represents that we pursuit green element on the products, contribute to the constant development of the earth, also states our living attitude - “Healthy, energetic life is the base on achieving everything.” “零距离” means “Zero Distance,” we dedicate to commit 3 points: “Communication 0 Distance”, “Experience 0 Distance,” & “Service 0 Distance”.

Our Mission is to build up a Green Brand, create and enjoy intelligent technology, to offer competitive resolution and efficient service for commercial kitchen equipment.

Our Vision is To Be A Be Relied Global Enterprise.

Our Slogan is Fan-Cooling Fridge Pick LVNI.

Our Value is Self-reliant Co-create, Happy Co-win.