Need a counter freezer for a restaurant kitchen? We have all you need. Do regular size or custom-made items. 

LVNi mainly focus on producing counter chillers and counter freezers for commercial kitchens, and offering a self-developed air-cooled system. There are 2 regular depth of 30inch (760mm) and 24 inch (600mm). If you want to make an irregular size, that's workable. Contact us to find out.

The strengths of our worktop refrigerators are:
No Frost: don't have any ice freezing on the wall of the inner cabinet.
Thick Foaming Body: the international standard is 38kg/m³. Our foaming density is 42~45kg/m³, better temperature insulation.
Panel thickness of warktop: 1.0mm. Well rigid for doing jobs of cutting and chopping.

Counter Freezer Series

Counter Chiller, Under Counter Freezer, Counter Display Chiller, etc

With more than 10 years of practical manufacturing experience, we are loyal and reliable and can provide refrigeration equipment solutions for your restaurant, hotel, supermarket or store.

In the process of development, we have cooperated with many well-known brands at home and abroad. Currently, Marriott Hotel, Pullman Hotel, Cocoa Food and Beverage Group, etc.

  • We are certified by comprehensive quality assurance/quality control procedures, CE, CCC, ISO, CVC, RoHS, MSDS.
  • Professional production design team, sales team, provide solutions and services.
  • CVC Food Contact Material Safety Certificate.
  • After-sales technical support, quick response within 8 hours.

What is a counter freezer or counter chiller? image
A counter freezer is a type of refrigeration equipment for commercial kitchens that has a worktop. The same to a counter chiller.

From the appearance, you can see 1 door, 2 door, and 3 door counter freezer.

What is the difference between a freezer and a chiller?
1st, obviously, a freezer is much colder than a chiller. A freezer can be 0℃ to -40℃ for saving food long. A chiller is 0℃ to 10℃ to keep things cool temporarily than using it in a near future.
2nd, storing food is different. A freezer is usually for meat and fish. A chiller is mostly for vegetables, fruit, and drinks.
3rd, a freezer consumes much more power than a chiller.

What kind of refrigerator is suitable for a restaurant kitchen? Stable cooling effect? Low maintenance and easy operation? I think it should be to match your client's needs. Contact us to solve the problem.

Smaller compressor unit: Larger storage space in the same body size.

Dust-proof net: prevent dust from entering the condenser, easy to clean regularly, longer life.

No Frost: There is no ice blockage in the cabinet.

Circular Cooling: Integral cooling ensures that every food item is well cooled.

Modular Compressor Set: For easy maintenance, when a compressor fails, a new compressor can be easily replaced.

Available in many options: with shelf, GN pan, EN pan for bakery or drawer.

Customize what you need: customizable sizes, customizable temperatures.

If you're looking for an under counter freezer to put in a cabinet or under a counter, we can help you out.

LVNi under counter freezers are suitable to do that, also be built-in type. But please leave some space for hot air dissipation at the sides and at the back. The advice is to keep 5cm from the machine to a wall.
Put a freezer in a cabinet or under a counter? image
Looking for a different counter freezer? Don't worry. We have more options for you.

We can do:
  • Counter Freezer with Drawers, 2 drawers, 3 drawers, 4 drawers...
  • Counter Freezer with Open Top
  • Counter Freezer with Open Pit for GN Pans
  • Refrigerated Salad Bars Commercial
  • ...

We can do more than that, why don't you contact us to know what we can do?
There is more types of undercounter commercial refrigerator imageThere is more types of undercounter commercial refrigerator image
Step 1: Panel Cutting
The laser cutter cuts stainless steel panels, ready to make the body.

Step 2: Bend
The cut panels are bent into the desired shape by the bending machine.

Step 3: Solder and Test for Leaks
Welding the panels together from pieces, then polishing them nicely. Then testing for leaks by the nitrogen air.

Step 4: Body Assembly
Make panels and parts together, ready to foaming.

Step 5: Foam
Forcing foamed material into the well-assembly body with a foaming density of 42kg-45kg/m3.

Step 6: Preinstallation
To install compressor packs, thermostats, cables, feet, or wheels.

Step 7: General Installation
Welding and finishing of copper pipelines.

Step 8: Stress Insurance
If the condition of pressure is good, perform vacuum suction and charge refrigerant.

Step 9: Safety Testing and Halogen Testing
We have to do safety checks and halogen testing.

Step 10: Cooling Test
Running a cooling test for a certain amount of time is a must to make sure you have a well-running machine.

Step 11: Cleaning and Packaging
Counter freezers or chillers will be packed in carton boxes, or plywood cases, ready to ship.

Step 12: Delivery
Transporting goods to the port.
The procedures of manufacturing a frost free counter freezer image
What will you do to keep your car as nice as possible? Regularly maintain an engine, change filters, etc. That's what you should do to your under counter chiller or freezer. You want them to perform well, and to run as long time as possible?  So treat it like your car. Set a schedule per week for your employees. Do a routine check and cleaning of the equipment. That's a list below of what you should do:

  1. Clean the compressor unit;
  2. Clean the dust-filter net if it has one;
  3. Clean the inner body and appearance with anti-bacterial alcohol.
  4. Check the cooling fan on the condenser whether there is something blocking it.
  5. Check the copper tube whether there is 'oil' (refrigerant) leaking. If so, the tube is oily.

Regularly clean your under counter chiller or freezer image

How do you adjust the temperature on a chiller?

Please check on the User Manual, there's a page describes how to do it. It's quite simple, you can easily follow the guide to set up.

Do you have a 3 door counter chiller?

Sure. The width of the 3 door is 1800mm. If you need a different size, tell us, we can do it.

Is your commercial worktop freezer with Dixell thermostat?

We can do it with Dixell thermostat if you really reuiqre it.
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You can get many types of kitchen equipment in LVNi, including under bench fridge freezer.