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What is the best wine cooler

The best wine coolers details

Red Wine Cooler is used to preserve red wine cabinet, it has a constant temperature, constant humidity, and other characteristics. Like the constant temperature characteristic of the wine cellar, the wine cabinet has the ideal environment for the preservation of red wine. According to the refrigeration cooling system way red wine coolers can be divided into thermoelectric wine coolers, compressor wine coolers.

20 bottle thermoelectric wine cooler with led lighting

80 bottle sing zone wine cooler

What different wine refrigeration direct cooling & air-cooled cooling system


A Direct-cooling compressor cabinet is a kind of natural heat conduction refrigerating method. The natural convection of low temperature on the surface of the evaporator reduces the temperature in the cabinet, thus the temperature difference in the cabinet tends to be the same, but the temperature can not be completely uniform, the temperature near the cold source point is low and the temperature far from the cold source point is high. Direct-cooling compressor liquor cabinet relative to the air-cooled compressor liquor cabinet because of less fan work voice, the relative will mute some.

Air Cooling

The air-cooled compressor cabinet separates the cold source from the air in the cabinet. The cold source is pumped into the cabinet by a fan and stirred. Built-in fan to promote the flow of air and good circulation, to ensure that the wine cabinet box in different space temperature uniformity and stability.

The temperature range of the wine fridge 

Single zone wine fridge refers to the wine cabinet inside only a temperature zone, the internal temperature is consistent.

The dual-zone wine fridge

Dual-zone wine fridge refers to the cabinet is divided into two temperature zones, divided into two parts: the upper part of the low-temperature zone, the low-temperature zone is generally 5 ~ 12 °C, the lower part of the high-temperature zone, the high-temperature zone temperature control range is 12 ~ 22 °C.

Difference between thermoelectric wine cooler and compressor wine cooler 

  • Compressor wine coolers 

1. Refrigeration fast: the compressor refrigeration speed is faster, re-refrigeration time is shorter, compressor refrigeration time is about 20%-30% of electronic refrigeration time.

The lowest temperature can be 5 °C, the temperature control range is usually between 5 °C and 22 °C, and the semiconductor refrigeration is usually 10 ~ 18 °C. The temperature of the compressor cabinet is less affected by the ambient temperature, even in the high-temperature environment, the temperature of the cabinet can still reach the ideal storage temperature of the wine, but the semiconductor cabinet can only drop 6 ~ 8 °c than the ambient temperature.

2. Stable performance: using compressor refrigeration technology, mature technology, stable performance, not prone to failure.

3. Long Life: Because the technology is mature, and the general use of frequency conversion technology, compressor intermittent work, so compressor wine cabinet service life is longer. Compressor Liquor Cabinet General Service Life of 8 ~ 10 years, AND SEMICONDUCTOR LIQUOR CABINET GENERAL IS 3 ~ 5 years.

  • Thermoelectric wine cooler 

1. No vibration: Because is the use of an electronic chip refrigeration system, no compressor operation, so the basic no vibration.

2. No noise: no compressor operation, noise is very small, can be kept below 30 DB.

3. No Pollution: no compressor, no refrigerant, no secondary pollution.

4. Light Weight: because there is no compressor and complex refrigeration system, the weight is greatly reduced.

How to store red wine

Wine bottles should always be stored in a straight line so that the wine is in contact with the Cork. This keeps the Cork Moist and the bottle well sealed, preventing air from entering and causing the wine to oxidize and age. When wine bottles are stored vertically, there is a gap between the wine and the Cork. Therefore, the best straight wine display, display the level of wine at least to reach the neck.

  • Constant temperature

Temperature is one of the most important factors in wine storage. It is also important to keep the temperature stable. The composition of the wine varies with temperature -- corks also expand and contract with temperature, especially older, less elastic corks. Most cabinets are equipped with heaters or PTC to raise the internal temperature so that the temperature remains stable no matter how the ambient temperature changes. The air in the cabinet is also provided with a built-in fan to ensure the uniformity and consistency of temperature distribution in different positions of the cabinet.

Reference temperature for storage of various types of wine

Semi-sweet, sweet red wine 14-16 °C; Claret 16-22 °C; Claret 16-18 °c; dry white wine 8-10 °c; semi-sweet, sweet white Wine 10-12 °c; Champagne (sparkling wine)6-9 °C.

  • Humidity

Relative humidity of 65% is the best condition for long-term storage. However, it would be nice to keep the relative humidity between 55 and 80 percent. If the humidity is low, the air enters the bottle through the dried cork and oxidizes the wine, the wine will also penetrate the cork; if the humidity is high will produce an odor, and damage the label.

  • Vibration

Frequent vibration can interfere with the stability of wine sediment. Sediment occurs naturally with wine storage time, but may be suppressed by vibration and return to a liquid state. In addition, vibration can also destroy the structural components of wine. The high-tech quiet shock-proof compressor refrigeration system inside the cabinet, equipped with shock-proof rubber gasket, the temperature control is more accurate and does not produce condensation, carefully protect the collection of famous wine.

  • Air Circulation

In a humid environment, the air circulation is mainly to prevent the growth of bacteria. The wet cork is easy to produce harmful smell, strong smell through the cork changes the original quality of wine. The fan inside the box absorbs fresh air and evenly disperses the air to prevent the breeding of bacteria.

  • Ultraviolet light

UV damage to organic compounds can make wine premature or aging, especially tannic acid, it mainly affects the aroma of wine, taste and structure, so that taste or smell like garlic or wet wool taste; So wine is best stored in a place without light, especially for expensive wine, pay attention to avoid the sun, especially lighting, because these two kinds of light in 400 mm below contains special harmful light waves. However, our white LED lights are not only lighting equipment, because no UV light wave is the best choice for many wine lovers, it also has the advantage of not transmitting heat to affect the temperature of the wine

How to buy the wine refrigeration

The variety of wine refrigeration price varies, the most important is to choose their own wine refrigeration, how to choose their own wine fridges? There are many influencing factors, the main factors are the following aspects:


Do you use it for your own use or as a gift? If it is a gift that the best to buy semiconductor electronic wine cabinet, because the weight is easy to move, and the price is not very expensive friends easier to accept.

If it's for personal use, what use is it for? If you are a wine collector or wine merchant, it is recommended to use a compressor cabinet. The compressor cabinet features fast cooling, good cooling effect, stable performance, and long service life, especially suitable for professional storage of wine. It is the ordinary wine lover or is the first contact wine, then suggested that buys a semiconductor electronic wine cabinet to try, the general semiconductor electronic wine cabinet price will be relatively cheap.


  •  The first is to see the quality of your own wine price? If the price is high, the quality is good and the life cycle is long, then the suggestion chooses the compressor wine cabinet, the compressor wine cabinet remarkable performance can maintain and enhances the wine the quality, is helpful to the wine appreciation. Conversely, it can choose semiconductor electron wine, Ark.
  • The second is to look at your wine type? If your wine is white or champagne type of wine requires lower temperature preservation, then the proposal to use the compressor cabinet; if you are mainly red wine, and some white wine (in many cases), so it is recommended to use the compressor cabinet in the double-temperature zone wine cabinet to store different wine, and generally semiconductor wine cabinet is single-temperature; if all red wine, then two kinds of wine cabinet can be considered, to see other factors.
  • Thirdly, depending on the quantity of your wine, different types of wine cabinets have different volume divisions, depending on the amount of wine that needs to be stored, choose wine cabinets of different volume; if your wine is relatively small, it is recommended to choose semiconductor electronic wine cabinets, after all, the unit cost will be lower.


Where to put the wine cabinet will also affect the choice, such as your place in the family bedroom, hotel room, it requires absolute quiet, so the use of semiconductor wine cabinet is better; If it is placed in the living room, the kitchen and some other places, the noise requirements are not so high, and the compressor liquor cabinet noise is also limited in the acceptable range, then select the compressor liquor cabinet and Semiconductor Liquor Cabinet is OK; If it is placed in the office of an office building, it is better to use a semiconductor wine cabinet if it is not stored for a long time. If it is placed in a hotel lobby, club, Villa, liquor store, shopping mall, etc. , then choose compressor wine cabinet better, so not only can it be conducive to maintaining and improving the quality of the wine, but also appear high-grade brand image.


If the wine is stored for a long time, the requirements for raising the quality of the wine through wine storage are relatively high, then it is better to choose the compressor wine refrigeration; on the contrary, the wine is often taken, and the wine is stored for a short time, and the performance requirements of the wine cabinet are not very concerned, so choose semiconductor wine Ark also can consider.

  •  Performance factor

In the understanding of their needs, the selection of the wine cabinet to pull the most critical link, that is, according to their needs to choose the appropriate performance of the wine cabinet. Different Wine Cabinet has a performance difference, which can cause a difference in the hiding wine effect.

The first is to see the cooling mode and cooling effect

Wine refrigeration is divided into two categories: compressor liquor cabinet and thermostat wine cooler, in which the compressor wine refrigeration can be divided into direct cooling and air cooling two categories. Compressor wine coolers and thermostat wine coolers have their advantages and disadvantages, different cooling methods lead to the different cooling effect.

  • Advantages of thermostat wine refrigeration (NO VIBRATION) Because is the use of an electronic chip refrigeration system, no compressor operation, so basic no vibration. No compressor operation, noise is very small, can be kept below 30 dB. 
  1. No Pollution: no compressor, no refrigerant, no secondary pollution. 
  2. Light Weight: The weight is greatly reduced by the absence of a compressor and a complex refrigeration system.

weaknesses: The opposite side of each is the other's weakness. 

  •  If the selection is the compressor cabinet, then the compressor quality is the most important factor.

The compressor is the heart of the wine cabinet, about a wine cabinet is good or not, the compressor is good or bad, accounted for a very decisive factor. As mentioned earlier, vibration is a negative factor that affects wine storage. If the compressor is not quite enough, coupled with the cabinet material is too light and not stable enough, then a wine cabinet will be driven by the vibration of the compressor as a whole vibration, this leaves the wine constantly in a slightly vibrating environment, unable to sleep well, at any time may be awakened from the wine in danger. Therefore, when choosing a wine cabinet, the first important thing to take into consideration is whether the compressor is quiet enough and whether the material of the cabinet is stable enough, and the compressor that can ensure the ultra-quiet operation is the most basic requirement for a good wine cabinet, in general, the performance of the European compressor in this regard is rated higher.

  •  Performance of avoiding light damage

Although not directly into the sun, UV everywhere, and will destroy the quality of the wine, is the light of the ultraviolet. In general, a closed-door that is completely opaque is the best design for complete UV protection. However, the general wine collectors do not see their collection, they always feel as if something is missing, so glass door design wine cabinet, popular. And the same is a glass door, filter ultraviolet function, and ordinary glass cost is much worse, so before buying, had better ask clearly.

  • The function of ventilation and air purification

During aging, the wine will produce harmful gas sulfur dioxide, which will harm the cork, and then deteriorate the quality of the wine. Sulfur dioxide can be removed by natural ventilation in the cellar, but in a closed-loop environment such as a wine cabinet, it will accumulate. Generally speaking, opening the door once every 10 days to ventilate the wine cabinet can eliminate sulfur dioxide, but exquisite collectors do not want to disturb the wine's long-term sleep every 10 days, so for the air environment, the most thoughtful design is to add activated carbon ventilation circulation system, so as long as every two or three years to change activated carbon, you can always keep the wine in a good air aging environment.

  •  Humidity control

Humidity control is also an important part of a good wine cabinet because humidity can affect the cork, the wrong humidity, cork can dry crack or wet rot, on the wine has a fatal impact. Wine storage humidity suitable for 65% to 75%, and the general non-humidity control function of the wine cabinet, probably the average humidity of 55%, it is easy to let the cork dry. Humidity control for wine cabinet is a higher level of design, not all have, so before buying, it is best to ask whether there is this function.

  • Cooling rate and temperature control range

When the wine cabinet is first opened, the temperature should fall in stages, not in a straight line like a refrigerator. A good wine cabinet, its temperature control system can be 24 to 48 hours, slowly adjust the temperature to the required temperature, even the most sensitive wine, can not detect changes in ambient temperature. An average wine cabinet can drop the summer temperature from 30 degrees to 18 degrees in an hour, and rapid temperature changes, whether from hot to cold or from cold to Hot, are notoriously bad for wine. Different compressors have different temperature control range, the use of wine cabinet in different areas should consider the relationship between ambient temperature and temperature control range. The temperature control range is determined by the refrigerating mode and temperature control system of the liquor cabinet. Generally speaking, the temperature control range of compressor refrigeration is larger than that of semiconductor refrigeration. The temperature control range of compressor liquor cabinet is usually 5 ~ 22 °C, while that of semiconductor refrigeration is usually 10 ~ 18 °C or 12 ~ 22 °C Compressor liquor cabinet is less affected by ambient temperature, even in high-temperature areas can also be normal use; semiconductor liquor cabinet is more affected by ambient temperature (internal temperature can only be 8-10 lower than ambient temperature). Therefore, the temperature control system is also the purchase of the wine cabinet must pay attention to the details.

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