22 Apr
What is a commercial kitchen design

The design of catering commercial kitchen refers to the general layout design and auxiliary facilities design of all kinds of kitchens in the catering industry. From the technical point of view of building the kitchen, the process planning, area division, equipment layout and equipment selection of the kitchen of the restaurant, canteen, and fast food restaurant are carried out. And the auxiliary facilities of the kitchen, off smoke, add fresh air, water, power lighting, energy-saving noise reduction, system security, and other supporting design.

Why is the scientific design of Commercial Kitchens so important?

Kitchen design as unique design technology, it integrates operations research, management science, geometry, equipment technology, power lighting, water, ventilation, and other disciplines. In the limited structure of the kitchen space, according to various types of catering industry kitchen processes, management process design. More than the general building structure, involved in a variety of professional and technical categories, hydropower, ventilation, smoke, a variety of equipment, safety facilities, design accuracy, high density, low power. As a result, it is one of the most technically complex of all construction projects, and the design of the kitchen determines many important factors:

1. The kitchen design mainly decides the investment cost: including the equipment purchase, the auxiliary facilities, the construction expense and so on.

  • Equipment selection kitchen design first determines the selection of kitchen equipment and various functional areas of the area allocation. The area allocation determines the type and quantity of the selected equipment, and the equipment type selection determines the type and grade of the equipment, which affects the one-off investment and operating cost.
  • Auxiliary facilities design includes ventilation and smoke extraction, fume purification, power supply, water, lighting, noise reduction, and temperature reduction facilities. Auxiliary Facilities Design is not in place, which brings hidden dangers for the kitchen, but also for the construction of investment to bring undue costs.
  • Additional facilities will increase construction costs, the design is not in place, the project coordination can not be in place, step by step, can not plan construction as a whole, will inevitably lead to repeated construction, but also for construction investment to bring undue costs.

2. You need to consider the operating costs of the kitchen later

  •  The kitchen design decides after the kitchen operation cost plan determines, the kitchen construction completes, the kitchen operation cost also determined. Mainly reflected in the cost of water and electricity consumption. Choose equipment power is too large, invalid equipment open too much, will increase the kitchen operating costs. It is particularly important to choose energy-saving and environment-friendly equipment.

3.kitchen design determines the space utilization and work efficiency

  •   The General Kitchen area is limited, effective area and the use of space is the primary solution to the kitchen design problem. Only scientific and efficient kitchen design, kitchen design process is reasonable, coordination of various types of work convenient, advanced equipment, easy to operate, will make the overall efficiency of the kitchen.

4. The design of the kitchen determines the quality of the kitchen working environment

  • Create fresh air, easy to operate, safe and comfortable kitchen working environment, can greatly improve the efficiency of the kitchen staff. It is also consistent with the interests of the operator. The designer should also optimize the design scheme from the design concept and design skills. Fully considering various factors, under the premise of ensuring scientific and reasonable kitchen design, convenient coordination of various types of work, advanced equipment and convenient operation, ventilation and smoke exhaust, temperature reduction and noise reduction, lighting, sanitation and cleaning, and convenient design in place.

5. Kitchen design affects the external image of the main business

  • Whether it can reflect the grade of the dining-room in the design, this has much to do with the operator's requirement and the level of the designer. Kitchen lampblack, noise, hot air enters the dining-room, can make dining-room image a big discount. Therefore, is not the investment cost higher kitchen can reflect the grade, but the more scientific design can reflect the operator's intentions.

How to solve the problem of the commercial kitchen easily?

  • Due to the special professional needs of the kitchen, the designer and the quality of commercial refrigeration have very high requirements. General kitchen vendors, only simple design drawings, matching equipment. The following two situations are likely to occur: Give priority to your opinion, without reference, later operation of a variety of problems; in order to make a profit, more with high equipment, rather than considering the actual demand, so that the kitchen investment costs are higher.
  • In order to better meet the individual needs of customers and provide more professional design, equipment, and services, professional kitchen designers should, on the basis of fully considering the needs of customers, combine the trends and trends of Commercial Kitchens, tailor-made for you the most suitable design solution. According to different business positioning, scientific layout planning, optimization of equipment configuration, selection of intelligent kitchen equipment, reduce the dependence of kitchen staff. Not only makes the kitchen space and the work location reasonable arrangement, the production flow is smooth, enhances the work efficiency, may also help you to save more investment expense. Truly set up the restaurant overall design, equipment customization, kitchen equipment sales, catering management, after-sales service in one of the integrated service model.
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