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10 Apr

Some malfunctions that may occur in the freezer: no cooling, poor cooling, frost in the refrigerator compartment, no power, no operation, tripping, etc.Not turning on: the power switch freezer is not running;

Not cooling: After the freezer is powered on and off, the freezer operates normally but does not cool;

Power-on trip: Too much current or too much voltage causes the freezer to trip;No shutdown: The compressor keeps running after the refrigerator is turned off and does not stop after reaching the set temperature;

Poor refrigeration: the temperature of the refrigerator compartment does not drop, and the freezer compartment cannot freeze or be the same temperature as the refrigerator compartment;

Freezing in the refrigerator: The temperature of the refrigerator is too low, which will affect the preservation of food;

The light does not light up: the freezer is operating normally but the indicator light does not light up;

Poor cooling: The freezer operates normally, but the temperature in the refrigerator compartment cannot reach the desired temperature;

The refrigerator compressor is not working: the fuse on the power supply is blown (the power indicator light is not on); the control circuit is faulty (the power indicator light is on)

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