08 Jan
The Status of commercial refrigerators in 2020 and beyond

Looking at the market, after the rapid development of the commercial kitchen equipment industry, the development speed has been relatively slow, and the slowdown in market growth has formed a considerable contrast with more and more companies.

Competition in the entire commercial kitchen equipment market has become fiercer. The demand for commercial air-cooled refrigerators is growing more and more apparent, providing more convenient solutions for kitchen equipment dealers.

Why are commercial air-cooled refrigerators becoming more and more popular?  You can find more details about air-cooled refrigerators here.

As the catering industry's requirements for fresh ingredients increase, this means that there is a high demand for commercial equipment. According to the 26th Guangzhou Hotel Equipment Exhibition, commercial air-cooled refrigerators will increase by 70% year-on-year and will become the catering kitchen equipment supplier in 2020. Best choice for business and catering companies.

LVNI Commercial Refrigeration at this exhibition achieved great success in the 26th Guangzhou Hotel Equipment Exhibition.

This commercial kitchen equipment exhibition. It provides more efficient solutions for buyers and equipment design companies of different brands around the world. They have a high evaluation of the overall design of LVNI Commercial Refrigerators. They also provide professional insights for our new generation of products and some problems encountered in kitchen design engineering.

How do LVNI commercial air-cooled refrigerators attract so many kitchen equipment buyers among many brands?

Regarding  LVNI commercial air-cooled refrigerator has the following characteristics

Small unit design, 3D three-dimensional air duct system, detachable dust-proof air mesh design, to provide customers with the best kitchen equipment experience through continuous research and development and innovation. Our company's vision is to become a trusted global enterprise, build a green brand, create intelligent technology, and provide competitive commercial kitchen equipment solutions and services. 

With the increase of competitors and the saturation of the market space, the market advantage of commercial air-cooled refrigerators is more prominent. Future industrial restaurant prototypes will provide faster service in a smaller, more cost-effective footprint. Chain catering can reduce operating costs, provide better services to customers, and create a more excellent value.

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