30 May
Reasons and solutions for commercial freezers not cooling

1. Lack of refrigerant 

The operation of the freezer is advanced to the freezer to start the cycle refrigeration--end in the freezer, if the refrigerant is lacking, the freezer will not be refrigerated

2.Leakage in the high-pressure section of the refrigerator refrigeration system

 Because there are cracks and breaks in the condensation and anti-dew pipes. If the condenser is not used for a long time, it will rust together with the foaming agent until it leaks or leaks. The strength of the pipe wall at the leak is weak, and it appears as a leak under high temperature and high pressure. When the high-pressure pipeline leaks and repairs, it will be refilled with refrigerant, and the refrigerant will be lost after 1-2 days of starting up and running, but if it is not used after shutting down, the leakage will be very slow.

3. Freezer freezer freezes

One is partial freezing of the refrigerator, which is generally caused by insufficient Freon (long-term non-stop), and is caused by system pipeline leakage. The second is that all the refrigerators are frozen, the system does not shut down, and the thermostat also fails. The third is that the door of the refrigerator compartment is not closed tightly, causing a large amount of outside air to enter and generate a lot of frost.

4. The temperature of the refrigerator in the freezer cannot drop

1. The compressor is bad, the exhaust pressure is insufficient, and the temperature of the radiator is low, the compressor should be replaced.2. The ambient temperature of the freezer is high, and the temperature of the food in the freezer is high or too much.3. The frost in the freezer is too thick. The inner tank is separated, and the poor quality inner tank is deformed or glued, resulting in poor heat conduction with the evaporator.4. The insulation layer of the cabinet is aging and the cooling loss is too much.5. The radiator is blocked by dirt, causing the fan not to run.5. The filter is clogged, blocked by water diversion (blocked by ice cubes) and blocked by dirt.1. Treatment method for water blockage: drainage.2. Dirty blockage solution: replace the dry filter.


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