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How to store your wine using wine cooler

The wine is still in a slow ripening process after leaving the factory, which is also the origin of the wine, also known as "living wine" or "living wine." Therefore, the preservation of wine is naturally related to the quality of wine in the bottle. If stored in a suitable environment, this ripening process will be carried out to the fullest, making it taste more mellow. This appropriate environment depends on six critical factors, namely the six aspects of a good bottle of wine preservation: temperature, humidity, light, vibration, odor, and posture.

1. Constant temperature:

Temperature is the most critical factor in wine storage because the taste and aroma of the wine are best volatilized at the right temperature. More precisely, it will produce the most comfortable feeling during the evaporation of alcohol. If the temperature of the wine is too high, the taste of bitterness and acidity will come out; if the warmth of the wine is too low, the aroma and feeling should not be effectively concentrated.

wine storage temperatureWine storage temperature

2. Moisturizing:

The effect of humidity is mainly on the cork. The humidity is too low; the soft cloth will become dry, affecting the sealing result, allowing more air to contact with the wine and accelerating the oxidation of the wine.The wine cooler fridge help you solve this problem.

Causes the wine to deteriorate. Even if the wine does not deteriorate, the dry cork is simple to break or even break when the bottle is opened. At that time, there will be a lot of wood chips falling into the wine;

If the humidity is too high, sometimes it is not good, the cork is prone to mold, and in the wine cellar, it is easy to breed a beetle. This beetle-sized beetle will soften.

The cork bite. The optimum moisture storage temperature for wine is between 50% and 80%.There is also a technique for humidity control of thermostats. In case of inclement weather, the humidity in the wine cabinet is too high. Dry the bottle and the water inside the cabinet with a dry cloth.

Open the wine cabinet door for ventilation. To protect the wine label, you can cut it from the plastic bag of the household to the wine label; if the humidity in the wine cabinet is too low, you can increase the humidity by placing a small dish in the wine cabinet.

wine cooler humidityWine Cooler Humidity

3. Protect from light:

The wine cooler with UV protection glass can protect your wines. It should be protected from strong light. Ultraviolet rays can make wine intelligent, and clear glass bottles can cause this problem worse, although the wine's dark green bottle can block apart. Wines that want to be preserved for a long time should be kept away from light, and the cellar or professional wine thermostat should be kept dark. 

wine cooler fridge with glass doorwine cooler with UV protection glass 

4. Vibration protection:

The damage of vibration to wine is purely chemical. The wine is contained in the bottle. The change is a slow, fermentation process. The shock will disturb the molecular structure of the wine, make the wine mature, and make the wine rough. So you should put it away from vibration and don't move it often.

5. No smell:

Wine is like a sponge, which sucks the surrounding flavor into the bottle. The cork of the wine is a “breathing organ” of the wine. The refreshing taste will penetrate the wine through the cork, so the wine should not be stored together with other foods to prevent the odor from immersing in the wine.

6. Flat:

The wine maker called the wine lying on the floor a "sleeping beauty." Wine is alive, and it has a process of growing and maturing in the bottle before it is opened. The wine is laid flat, its cork will remain moist, and the air will not enter so the quality of the wine will not change.

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