19 Aug
how to store wine in a wine cooler

Do you know  how to store red wine? Please check some more details below:

  • To avoid excessive temperature: suitable temperature is required, theoretical temperature of about 12 ℃, 7-18 ℃ can be.

  •  To avoid the temperature is too low: if a long time on the refrigerator will not work, because the average temperature of the refrigerator is too low, the humidity is not enough, will let the cork completely dry, resulting in air infiltration into the bottle, damage to the quality.

  • Avoiding light exposure: avoidance of light is required, as ultraviolet rays can cause the wine to ripen prematurely and household light sources generally do not affect quality.

  • To avoid vibration: a larger vibration amplitude will make the bottle of precipitated substances dissolved in the wine again, so that the taste of red wine, aroma and aging potential will be affected, the taste will appear rough. Continued vibration will also promote the chemical reaction of substances in red wine, thereby accelerating the aging of red wine.

  • Placed horizontally: keep the cork moist, to prevent air entry, red wine oxidation; bottle tilt upward 15 degrees is also possible. The need to store a longer period of red wine, the placement of the bottle mouth downward is not desirable. Because red wine stored for a long time there will be precipitation, flat or slightly tilted upwards, the precipitation will be gathered at the bottom of the bottle; if the mouth of the bottle tilted downward, the precipitation will be gathered at the mouth of the bottle, a long time will be stuck there, pouring wine, will even pour the precipitation with the glass, affecting the taste of wine.

  What temperature to store red wine in wine cooler ?

  Temperature is the most important factor in the storage of red wine, this is because the flavors and aromas of red wine need to be at the right temperature to best evaporate.

  Generally speaking, the optimum storage temperature required for different red wines is as follows.

  1、Semi-sweet, sweet red wine 14-16℃ dry red wine 16-22℃.

  2、Semi-dry red wine 16-18℃ dry white wine 8-10℃.

  3、Semi-dry white wine 8-12℃ semi-sweet, sweet white wine 10-12℃.

  4、Cognac 15℃ below Champagne (sparkling wine) 5-9℃.

  It is best to store red wine at a constant temperature, and you need to try to avoid short-term temperature fluctuations.

  What are the common storage methods for red wine?

  1. Natural cellars

  Underground can provide better conditions for wine storage, underground wine cellar in the constant temperature, light, shock and other aspects are blessed with unique conditions, but the need to take certain protective measures in the cellar should be transformed into a professional wine cellar, in order to make the wine storage security more secure.

  2. Professional wine cooler fridge

  Wine cellar is not necessarily located underground, professional temperature-controlled wine cellar, will be designed according to the actual storage conditions of red wine, and the installation of wine cellar room temperature-controlled system, precisely to achieve a constant temperature, constant humidity, ventilation, shock absorption, light conditions, so that only then can the wine life longer.

  3. wine cabinet

  In modern cities, the average family cannot afford to design and dig a professional cellar or build a professional wine cooler on the ground for wine collection. Considering the storage requirements of red wine and the needs of professional collectors, professional wine thermostats have come into being. Red wine thermostat, from the constant temperature, moisture, light, shock, ventilation and other aspects of the design to ensure that red wine always maintain the best storage, drinking temperature.

  4、Wine refrigerator

  If you don't have a wine refrigeration and don't have a wine cooler, putting it in the fridge is a no-brainer, or at least it's better than natural storage. Refrigerator is a small amount of short-term storage expedient, not long-term storage.

  5. Natural storage.

  For those of us who want to preserve red wine in general for a period of time, it is vital to avoid really harmful elements to the wine, such as bright sunlight and extremely high room temperatures. If there is really no condition, then as much as possible, place the wine in a cool and relatively dry place, such as under the bed, garage, closet and so on.

  Wine storage is a very annoying thing because, if you are not careful, your precious wine collection will deteriorate, making it taste bad.

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