22 Aug
How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Beer Cooler

Actually, it’s a normal phenomenon. The freezer and cooler are working under high temperature and humidity in summer, and at the same time, the temperature is low on the surface of the external cooler and glass door, the moisture in the air will condense outside of the refrigerator, freezer and glass door. And when the air relative humidity exceeds 80%, there might occur pearl-shaped condensation on the door seal of freezer and cooler as well as the external glass door. When the pearl-shaped condensation occurs, you can wipe the condensation up with the soft cloth. After the relative humidity weakens, the condensation will disappear and won’t influence the function of the cooler and freezer.
For preventing the condensation from occurrence often, we should pay attention to several points below:
Raising 2 degrees as lightly as possible when setting the temperature, lessen the temperature difference between the room inside and outside.
Wipe somewhere existing condensation with the soft cloth as much as possible.
Place the freezer and cooler in a well-ventilated position.
Because the temperature is too low inside the cooler, it’s normal that when the water molecules in the air meet glass, it condenses into beads at a very low temperature.

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